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Virginia Boys’ High School Lacrosse Records

by Mike Loveday
Virginia Boys’ High School Lacrosse Records

Included on this page are the best known and reported performances for boys’ lacrosse in Virginia. Included here are the players with the most known goals, assists, points and saves in Virginia high school boys’ lacrosse history. You will also find all-time coaching wins, team consecutive wins, and state championship information. There could be players missing from this list, but they will be added as discovered.

Criteria For Inclusion

Minimums for career stats are: 100 goals, 100 assists, 200 points, 500 saves
Minimums for season stats are: 70 goals, 40 assists, 90 points, 250 saves
Minimums for game stats are: 7 goals, 7 assists, 10 points, 25 saves

Last update: June 23, 2017
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All-Time No. 1s

Virginia All-Time No. 1s
Goals245Bobby SolomonW.T. Woodson2015-2018
Assists181Joe WhiteCollegiate2014-2018
Points425Joe WhiteCollegiate2014-2018
Saves1019Jack RusbuldtCollegiate School2013-2016
Coach Wins542Tom Duquette, Norfolk Academy (Norfolk, Va.), 1982-Present/St. Anne's Belfield (Charlottesville, Va.), 1975-1978

Career Goals

1232Joe WhiteCollegiate (Va.)2014-2018232171
2222Joe RobertsonSt. Anne's-Belfield (Charlottesville)2014-201722281
3215Dan DotyPotomac School (McLean)1998-2000
4199Ryan SwingleBattlefield (Haymarket)2010-2013
5190Dylan MaltzStone Bridge (Ashburn)2010-2013
6190Aaron SolomonW.T. Woodson (Fairfax)2002-200519087
7188Robbie BerndtNorfolk Academy (Norfolk)2011-2014
8185Billy McCullochW.T. Woodson (Fairfax)1998-200118575
9165Drew GaffneyCovenant (Va.)2013-2015
10160Brooks DavyEpiscopal (Va.)2012-2015
11159Derek MaltzStone Bridge (Ashburn)2007-2010
12155Josh WedelOsbourn Park (Manassas)2011-2014155
13154Ned RiderCollegiate School (Richmond)2001-2004
14152Sean AhearnLangley (Va.)2009-2012
15150Michael AdamsLangley (Langley)2010-2012
16146Jack SchultzSt. Anne's-Belfield (Charlottesville)2014-2017146
17144John AugstPaul VI (Va.)1992-1994
18144Matt CristAlbemarle (Va.)2011-2014
19141Reid MayberryW.T. Woodson (Fairfax)2004-200714176
20139Nick PurkatW.T. Woodson (Fairfax)1997-2000139161
21136Gus CapaceStone Bridge (Ashburn)2012-2015
22134Mikey ThompsonCollegiate School (Richmond)2003-2006
23134Kyle DuffieBriar Woods (Ashburn)2013-201613472
24126John Burke Jr.St. Christopher's (Richmond)2011-2014
25125Blair FarinholtSt. Christopher's (Richmond)2009-2012

Career Assists

Minimum 100

1171Joe WhiteCollegiate (Va.)2014-2018232171
2169Matt CristAlbemarle (Va.)2011-2014
3161Nick PurkatW.T. Woodson (Fairfax)1997-2000139161
4138Tyler PaceBlue Ridge (St. George)2012-2013
5135John Burke Jr.St. Christopher's (Richmond)2011-2014
6129Dylan MaltzStone Bridge (Ashburn)2010-2013
7127Billy CristAlbemarle (Va.)2007-2010
8126Sean AhearnLangley (Va.)2009-2012
9123Michael HanlonBattlefield (Haymarket)2011-2013
10116Matt GallieneCollegiate School (Richmond)1993-1996
11108Dan DotyPotomac School (McLean)1998-2000
12106Charlie TieneYorktown (Va.)2012-2015
13101Andrew O'SheaCollegiate School (Richmond)2003-2006

Career Points

Minimum 200

1403Joe WhiteCollegiate (Va.)2014-2018232171
2323Dan DotyPotomac School (McLean)1998-2000
3320David BrownSt. Anne's-Belfield (Charlottesville)1981-1984
4319Matt KuglerRobinson (Fairfax)2004-2007
5319Dylan MaltzStone Bridge (Ashburn)2010-2013190129
6313Matt CristAlbemarle (Va.)2011-2014144169
7303Joe RobertsonSt. Anne's-Belfield (Charlottesville)2014-201722281
8300Nick PurkatW.T. Woodson (Fairfax)1997-2000139161
9287Robbie BerndtNorfolk Academy (Norfolk)2011-2014
10278Sean AhearnLangley (Va.)2009-2012152126
11277Aaron SolomonW.T. Woodson (Fairfax)2002-200519087
12273Ned RiderCollegiate School (Richmond)2001-2004
13261John Burke Jr.St. Christopher's (Richmond)2011-2014
14260Billy McCullochW.T. Woodson (Fairfax)1998-200118575
15257Ryan SwingleBattlefield (Haymarket)2010-2013
16256Tyler PaceBlue Ridge (St. George)2012-2013
17255Derek MaltzStone Bridge (Ashburn)2007-201019096
18226Jake HolavaBishop Sullivan (Virginia Beach)2015-20181408652
19222Matt GallieneCollegiate School (Richmond)1993-1996
20221Drew GaffneyCovenant (Va.)2013-201516556
21220Michael HanlonBattlefield (Haymarket)2011-2013
22217Reid MayberryW.T. Woodson (Fairfax)2004-200714176
23214Ben SauerCollegiate School (Richmond)2005-2008
24210Charlie TieneYorktown (Va.)2012-2015104106
25206Kyle DuffieBriar Woods (Ashburn)2013-201613472
26203Brooks DavyEpiscopal (Va.)2012-201516043
27200Billy CristAlbemarle (Va.)2007-201073127
28200Ryan AtwoodW.T. Woodson (Fairfax)1994-199710991

Career Saves

11019Jack RusbuldtCollegiate School (Richmond)2013-2016
2844Bud PetitCollegiate School (Richmond)2000-2003
3688Mason PollackYorktown (Va.)2013-2016
4621David NoftsingerCollegiate School (Richmond)2009-2011
5553Andrew SpiveyLangley (Va.)2010-2012
6519Ryan JostBishop Sullivan (Virginia Beach)2015-2018
7494Alex BaruchSt. Christopher's (Richmond2001-2004

Career Faceoff

Coming Soon

Player: Season Goals

100Joe RobertsonSr.St. Anne's-Belfield2017
88Bobby SolomonSr.W.T. Woodson2018
88Ryan SwingleBattlefield2012
84Taylor MusaSo.Riverside2017
83Connor RogersJr.Hargrave Military Academy2017189.78
83Hayes TaiblSr.South County2017
80Tyler PaceBlue Ridge2013
79Bobby SolomonJr.W.T. Woodson2017
75Reid WhiteChristchurch2011
74Connor ShellenbergerSo.St. Anne's-Belfield2017
72Duncan MorrisChristchurch2011
71Gray PollockJr.North Cross2017186.56
71Jacob AngelusJr.Paul VI2018
71Jack SchultzSr.St. Anne's-Belfield2017
71Chase PhillipsMonticello2013166.13
70Jacob WilhelmJr.Colonial Forge2017195.26
70S MillerSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes2013233.91

Player: Season Assists

93Connor RogersJr.Hargrave Military Academy2017189.78
72Tyler PaceBlue Ridge2013
68Pat YoungChristchurch2011
64Chris ZollerRoanoke Catholic2016
60Michael HanlonBattlefield2012
60Sean AhearnLangley2011
56Jackson MillerSr.W.T. Woodson2017
56Kyle GuentherPatriot2016
55Trevor CookHanover2016
54Jon FantSr.Colonial Forge2017195.37
53Joseph WhiteCollegiate School2015
53Matt CristAlbemarle2014
50Daniel MaltzSo.Riverside2017
50Zack SikoraCentreville2012
48Richie KlaresKettle Run2011
48Dylan MaltzSo.Riverside2017
47Zack GrindeRoanoke Catholic2016
47Gray PollockNorth Cross2016
47Isiah BabiloniaStonewall Jackson2016
46Joey BorosBrentsville2018
46Jackson MillerW.T. Woodson2016
46Kevin McDaidSo.Oakton2017
45Domenick StumpoKettle Run2011
45Sean SchweikerOakton2012
44Connor ShellenbergerSo.St. Anne's-Belfield2017
43Bobby SolomonSr.W.T. Woodson2018
43Ryan MillerAnnandale2011
43Dillon SpaldingJr.South County2017
42Gray PollockJr.North Cross2017186.56
41Tyler SutterWest Springfield2012
40Hunter CapestanySr.Freedom-South Riding2017
40Hunter CapestanyFreedom-South Riding2016
40Brooks WaskeyJr.Patrick Henry2017214.24
40Joe WhiteSr.Collegiate2018

Player: Season Points

176Connor RogersJr.Hargrave Military Academy20178393189.78
152Tyler PaceBlue Ridge20138072#DIV/0!
132Joe RobertsonSr.St. Anne's-Belfield201710032#DIV/0!
131Bobby SolomonSr.W.T. Woodson20188843#DIV/0!
122Taylor MusaSo.Riverside20178438#DIV/0!
120Pat YoungChristchurch201168#DIV/0!
118Connor ShellenbergerSo.St. Anne's-Belfield20177444#DIV/0!
118Gray PollockJr.North Cross20177142186.56
114Trevor CookHanover20165955#DIV/0!
111Ryan SwingleBattlefield20128823#DIV/0!
110Bobby SolomonJr.W.T. Woodson20177931#DIV/0!
110Joey BorosBrentsville20186446#DIV/0!
109Jacob AngelusJr.Paul VI20187138#DIV/0!
108Reid WhiteChristchurch20117533#DIV/0!
107Duncan MorrisChristchurch20117235#DIV/0!
107Chris ZollerRoanoke Catholic20164364#DIV/0!
107Hayes TaiblSr.South County20178324#DIV/0!
106Michael HanlonBattlefield201260#DIV/0!
106Jackson MillerSr.W.T. Woodson20175056#DIV/0!
105Domenick StumpoKettle Run201145#DIV/0!
104Joseph WhiteCollegiate School201553#DIV/0!
103Richie KlaresKettle Run201148#DIV/0!
103Jack SchultzSr.St. Anne's-Belfield20177132#DIV/0!
103Hunter CapestanySr.Freedom-South Riding20176340#DIV/0!
102Jon FantSr.Colonial Forge20174854195.37
100Ned RiderCollegiate2003#DIV/0!
100Matt CristAlbemarle201453#DIV/0!
100Zack GrindeRoanoke Catholic20165347#DIV/0!
100Jacob WilhelmJr.Colonial Forge20177030195.26
99Jared GrindeRoanoke Catholic20166633#DIV/0!
99Kyle GuentherPatriot20164356#DIV/0!
98Sean AhearnLangley20113860#DIV/0!
98Chase PhillipsMonticello20137127166.13
98Joe WhiteJr.Collegiate20176236#DIV/0!
98Daniel MaltzSo.Riverside20174850#DIV/0!
96Sean AhearnLangley2012#DIV/0!
94Jackson MillerW.T. Woodson20164846#DIV/0!
94Palmer JonesSr.Thomas Dale20176331175.53
94Jake HolavaJr.Bishop Sullivan20176232146.71
93Clayton JonesVirginia Episcopal School20166231#DIV/0!
93Dylan MaltzSo.Riverside20174548#DIV/0!
92Joe WhiteSo.Collegiate20165438#DIV/0!
91Hunter CapestanyFreedom-South Riding20165140#DIV/0!
90Connor MurphyPaul VI2011#DIV/0!
90S MillerSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes20137020233.91
90Andrew BransonSr.Cape Henry Collegiate20165436233.91
89Brooks WaskeyJr.Patrick Henry20174940214.24
89Joe WhiteSr.Collegiate20184940#DIV/0!
50Zack SikoraCentreville201250#DIV/0!
47Gray PollockNorth Cross201647#DIV/0!
47Isiah BabiloniaStonewall Jackson201647#DIV/0!
46Kevin McDaidSo.Oakton20172046#DIV/0!
45Sean SchweikerOakton201245#DIV/0!
43Ryan MillerAnnandale201143#DIV/0!
43Dillon SpaldingJr.South County20174143#DIV/0!
41Tyler SutterWest Springfield201241#DIV/0!

Player: Season Saves

Svs.AthleteHigh SchoolSt.Year
326Justin AshbyChristchurch School (Christchurch)VA2010
269Jack RusbuldtCollegiate School (Richmond)VA2014
269Jack RusbuldtSr. Collegiate (Richmond)VA2016
262Ryan LasherLiberty (Bealeton)VA2017
236Connor AndersonOakton (Vienna)VA2012
206Matthew HendersonWakefield (Arlington)VA2012
203Pat FarrellFlint Hill (Oakton)VA2011

Player: Season Faceoff

Coming 2018

Player: Game Goals

12Chris WestonSr.Cave Spring (Va.)William Fleming (Va.)Mar-172016127
11Jackson EicherFaquier (Warrenton)Brentsville (Va.)May-222017111
10Stuart SouzaJr.Cave Spring (Va.)William Fleming (Va.)Mar-172016104
10Patrick McCannFr.Kettle Run (Nokesville, Va.)Culpeper (Va.)Apr-42011101
10Ryan SwingleBattlefield (Haymarket, Va.)Freedom-South Riding (Va.)May-92013101
9Lucas DaughertyJr.Thomas Dale (Chester)Monacan (Va.)Apr-18201792
9Michael AdamsLangley (Va.)Chantilly (Va.)Jun-1120119
9Ryan SwingleBattlefield (Haymarket, Va.)Colonial Forge (Va.)May-2420129
9Jack ArsenaultSouth County (Va.)Fairfax (Va.)May-4201891
8Brady MorrisonSr.Osbourn Park (Manassas)Hylton (Woodbridge)Mar-24201780
7Tyler EwenJr.Blue Ridge (St. George)Fork Union (Va.)Apr-4201775
7Gray PollockJr.North Cross (Roanoke)Steward School (Va.)May-16201774
7Connor ShellenbergerSo.St. Anne's-Belfield (Charlottesville)St. Mark's (Dallas)Mar-11201773
7Jonathan WalkerSr.Fork Union MA (Fork Union)Fuqua (Farmville)Mar-9201772
7Tyler EwenJr.Blue Ridge (St. George)Woodberry Forest (Va.)Mar-21201772
7Bobby SolomonJr.W.T. Woodson (Fairfax)West Springfield (Va.)Apr-18201772
7Luke HullBrentsville (Nokesville)Liberty (Va.)May-8201472
7Hunter RalstonBrentsville (Nokesville)Liberty (Va.)May-18201572
7Luke HullBrentsville (Nokesville)Park View (Va.)Mar-24201471
7Hunter RalstonBrentsville (Nokesville)George Mason (Va.)Mar-16201671
7Richie KlaresJr.Kettle Run (Nokesville, Va.)Faquier (Va.)May-1720117
7Robbie BerndtNorfolk Academy (Norfolk, Va.)Hampton Roads (Va.)Apr-1020147
7Fitz ReesePotomac School (Va.)Flint Hill (Md.)May-1320157
7Mikey ShouseLoudoun Valley (Va.)Western Albemarle (Va.)Jun-1320157
7Tremain HillCapital (W.Va.)Berkeley County (W.Va.)May-1620157
7Bobby SolomonJr.W.T. Woodson (Fairfax)Patriot (Va.)May-24201770
7Andrew BransonSr.Cape Henry Collegiate (Va.)Benedictine (Va.)Apr-19201670
7Andrew BransonSr.Cape Henry Collegiate (Va.)HRA (Va.)Apr-25201671
7Connor RogersSr.Hargrave Military (Chatham)Roanoke Catholic (Va.)Mar-15201874
7Joey BorosSr.Brentsville District (Va.)Stonewall Jackson (Va.)Mar-13201871
7Bobby SolomonSr.W.T. Woodson (Va.)West Springfield (Va.)Apr-18201872
7Bobby SolomonSr.W.T. Woodson (Va.)Patriot (Va.)May-24201870

Player: Game Assists

10Shane FordJr.Blue Ridge (St. George)Fork Union (Va.)VAApr-42017
10Jon FantSr.Colonial Forge (Stafford)James River (Va.)VAMay-312017
10Ian DingaSo.Battlefield (Va.)Osbourn (Va.)VAMay-32018
8Josh AndersonSr.Thomas Dale (Chester)Lee-Davis (Mechanicsville)VAMar-202017
8Danny McMinnJr.Briar Woods (Va.)Stone Bridge (Va.)VAMay-182018
7Chris WestonSr.Cave Spring (Va.)William Fleming (Va.)VAMar-172016
7Joey BorosSr.Brentsville District (Va.)Osbourn (Va.)VAApr-52018

Player: Game Points

Pts.PlayerClassAthlete SchoolOpponentStateDateYearGA
19Chris WestonSr.Cave Spring (Va.)William Fleming (Va.)VAMar-172016127
15Shane FordJr.Blue Ridge (St. George)Fork Union (Va.)VAApr-42017510
15Jon FantSr.Colonial Forge (Stafford)James River (Va.)VAMay-312017510
14Stuart SouzaJr.Cave Spring (Va.)William Fleming (Va.)VAMar-172016104
12Tyler EwenJr.Blue Ridge (St. George)Fork Union (Va.)VAApr-4201775
12Jackson EicherFaquier (Warrenton)Brentsville (Va.)VAMay-222017111
12Ian DingaSo.Battlefield (Va.)Osbourn (Va.)VAMay-32018210
11Patrick McCannFr.Kettle Run (Nokesville, Va.)Culpeper (Va.)VAApr-42011101
11Richie KlaresJr.Kettle Run (Nokesville, Va.)Easternview (Va.)VAApr-72011
11Ryan SwingleBattlefield (Haymarket, Va.)Freedom-South Riding (Va.)VAMay-92013101
11Gray PollockJr.North Cross (Roanoke)Steward School (Va.)VAMay-16201774
11Josh AndersonSr.Thomas Dale (Chester)Lee-Davis (Mechanicsville)VAMar-20201738
11Lucas DaughertyJr.Thomas Dale (Chester)Monacan (Va.)VAApr-18201792
11Palmer JonesSr.Thomas Dale (Chesterfield)Franklin County (Va.)VAMay-23201765
11David LerchBrentsville (Nokesville)Culpeper (Va.)VAMay-19201756
11Connor RogersSr.Hargrave Military (Chatham)Roanoke Catholic (Va.)VAMar-15201874
11Danny McMinnJr.Briar Woods (Va.)Stone Bridge (Va.)VAMay-18201838
10Domenick StumpoJr.Kettle Run (Nokesville, Va.)Monticello (Va.)VA2011
10Drew GaffneySr.Covenant (Va.)Hargrave Military Academy (Va.)VAMar-12201555
10Tommy StadlerJr.Charlottesville (Va.)Powhatan (Va.)VAMay-12201664
10Connor RogersJr.Hargrave Military (Chatham)Fisburne Military (Va.)VAApr-3201764
10Connor ShellenbergerSo.St. Anne's-Belfield (Charlottesville)St. Mark's (Dallas)VAMar-11201773
10Gray PollockJr.North Cross (Roanoke)Hargrave Military (Chatham)VAMar-21201755
10Palmer JonesThomas Dale (Chester)Hermitage (Va.)VAApr-5201764
10Trent AkinsSr.Thomas Dale (Chesterfield)Cosby (Va.)VAApr-3201764
10Connor RogersSr.Hargrave Military (Chatham)Steward School (Va.)VAMar-16201846
10Jack ArsenaultSouth County (Va.)Fairfax (Va.)VAMay-4201891
10Bobby SolomonSr.W.T. Woodson (Va.)Colgan (Va.)VAMay-222018

Player: Game Saves

27Ryan LasherJr.Liberty (Bealeton)Riverbend (Fredericksburg)VAMar-272017

Player: Game Faceoff (By Percentage)

Coming 2018

Team Records

9Norfolk Academy (Norfolk, Va.) (VISAA)
8St. Anne’s-Belfield (Charlottesville, Va.) (VISAA)
6Covenant (Charlottesville, Va.) (VISAA)
6Stephen’s & St. Agnes (Alexandria, Va.) (VISAA)
5Collegiate School (Richmond, Va.) (VISAA)
5Robinson (Fairfax, Va.)
4Langley (McLean, Va.)
4Woodberry Forest (Woodberry Forest, Va.) (VISAA)
3Western Albemarle (Crozet, Va.) (VISAA)
2Cape Henry Collegiate (Virginia Beach, Va.) (VISAA)
2Chantilly (Chantilly, Va.)
2Christchurch School (Christchurch, Va.) (VISAA)
2Episcopal High School (Alexandria, Va.) (VISAA)
2Highland (Warrenton, Va.) (VISAA)
2St. Christopher’s (Richmond, Va.) (VISAA)
4Langley (McLean, Va.), 2009-2012
2Collegiate School (Richmond, Va.) (VISAA), 1987 - 1988
2James Robinson (Fairfax, Va.), 2006-2007
2Norfolk Academy (Norfolk, Va.), 1978 - 1979
2Western Albemarle (Crozet, Va.) (VISAA), 1990 - 1991
6Andy Taibl, Stephen’s & St. Agnes (Alexandria, Va.) (VISAA)
4Earl Brewer, Langley (McLean, Va.)
3Matt Curran, Robinson (Fairfax, Va.)
3John Burke, St. Christopher's (Richmond, Va.)
2Justin Fitzgeral, Robinson (Fairfax, Va.)
4Earl Brewer, Langley (McLean, Va.), 2009-2012
3Matt Curran, Robinson (Fairfax, Va.), 2014-2016
2Justin Fitzgeral, Robinson (Fairfax, Va.), 2006-2007

Team: VISAA Champions

YearDivision IDivision IIDivision III
2017St. Stephen’s & St. AgnesVirginia Episcopal--
2016St. Stephen’s & St. AgnesVirginia Episcopal--
2015St. Anne’s-BelfieldCovenant--
2014St. Stephen’s & St. AgnesCovenant--
2013St. Stephen’s & St. AgnesHighland--
2012St. Stephen’s & St. AgnesHampton Roads Academy--
2011Episcopal High SchoolChristchurch School--
2010St. Stephen’s & St. AgnesChristchurch SchoolNorth Cross School
2009St. Anne’s-BelfieldHighlandRoanoke Catholic
2008St. Anne’s-BelfieldCovenantTrinity Meadowview
2007St. Stephen’s & St. AgnesNotre Dame AcademySeton School
2006Collegiate SchoolCovenantWalsingham Academy
2005Woodberry ForestCovenant--
2004Cape Henry CollegiateCovenant--
2003Norfolk AcademyN/A--
2002Collegiate SchoolBishop Ireton--
2001Woodberry ForestBishop Sullivan (Catholic HS)--
2000St. Anne’s-BelfieldN/A--
1999Woodberry ForestCape Henry Collegiate--
1998St. Christopher’sWestern Albemarle--
1997St. Christopher’sPotomac School--
1996Norfolk Academy----
1995Norfolk Academy----
1994Norfolk Academy----
1993Norfolk Academy----
1992Episcopal High School----
1991Western Albemarle----
1990Western Albemarle----
1989St. Anne’s-Belfield----
1988Collegiate School----
1987Collegiate School----
1986St. Anne’s-Belfield----
1985Norfolk Academy----
1984Norfolk Academy----
1983Collegiate School----
1982St. Anne’s-Belfield----
1981Woodberry Forest----
1980St. Anne’s-Belfield----
1979Norfolk Academy----
1978Norfolk Academy----

Team: VHSAA Champions

2017WoodsonPatrick HenryRiverside
2016RobinsonBriar WoodsDominion
2015RobinsonStone BridgeLoudoun Valley
Open Division Champions

Coach Records: Wins

1523Tom Duquette, Norfolk Academy (Norfolk, Va.), 1982-Present/St. Anne's Belfield (Charlottesville, Va.), 1975-1978
2407Doug Tarring, St. Anne's-Belfield (Charlottesville, Va.), 1979-2009
3324Earl Brewer, Langley (McLean, Va.), 1993-2015
4315John Burke, St. Christopher's (Richmond, Va.), 1990-Present
5314Jon FitzGerald, W.T. Woodson (Fairfax, Va.), 1988-2012
6254Bob Gillespie, Woodberry Forest (Woodberry Forest), 1963-1991
7250Rob Horne, Flint Hill/et al., 1997-Present
8186Kevin Marsh, Battlefield (Va.), 2005-Present/Osbourn Park (Va.)
9185Andrew Stanley, Collegiate School (Va.), 2005-Present
10158Dale Nalls, South Countyl/et al., 2002-Present
11156Andy Taibl, St. Stephen's & St. Agnes (Va.), 2006-2016
12126Greg Beer, Yorktown, 2006-Present
13123Greg Barnard, Midlothian (Midlothian), 2009-Present
14117Scott Conklin, Episcopal (Va.), 2007-Present
15117Scott Mitchell, Stone Bridge (Va.), 2008-Present
16114Bo Perriello, St. Anne's-Belfield (Va.), 2010-Present
17109Tony Gray, Oakton (Oakton), 2001-2008
18106Mike Thompson, Collegiate School (Richmond, Va.), 1984-1992
19102Matt Curran, Robinson (Fairfax), 2006-Present

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