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Texas Best Known Boys’ Lacrosse Records

by Mike Loveday
Texas Best Known Boys’ Lacrosse Records

Included on this are the best known and reported performances for boys’ lacrosse in Texas. Included here are the players with the most known goals, assists, points and saves in Texas high school boys’ lacrosse history. You will also find all-time coaching wins, team consecutive wins, and state championship information. There could be players missing from this list, but they will be added as discovered.

Criteria For Inclusion

Minimums for career stats are: 100 goals, 100 assists, 200 points, 500 saves
Minimums for season stats are: 70 goals, 40 assists, 90 points, 250 saves
Minimums for game stats are: 7 goals, 7 assists, 10 points, 25 saves

Last update: June 22, 2017
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All-Time No. 1s

Last update: Sept. 17, 2019

Goals260Cole SchmittProsper2016-2019
Assists207Tyler PellegrinoLake Travis2015-2018
Points397Cole SchmittProsper2016-2019
Saves692Connor LairdJames Bowie2014-2017
Face-Off Wins
Coach Wins239Hayward LeeSt. Mark's (Dallas)/et al.)

Career Goals

Minimum 100

1260Cole SchmittProsper2016-2019260137
2199Nakeie MontgomeryEpiscopal Dallas2014-2017199118
3197Trevor AtkinsHillcrest2008-201119779
4170Brandon MeauxEpiscopal Dallas2015-201817098Georgetown
5163Sam RomanoEpiscopal Dallas2012-2015163100
6128Tyler PellegrinoLake Travis2015-2018128207744.53Rhodes

Career Assists

Minimum 100

1207Tyler PellegrinoLake Travis2015-2018128207744.53Rhodes
2137Cole SchmittProsper2016-2019260137
3118Nakeie MontgomeryEpiscopal Dallas2014-2017199118
4100Sam RomanoEpiscopal Dallas2012-2015163100

Career Points

Minimum 200

1397Cole SchmittProsper2016-2019260137
2341Max SkibberEpiscopal Houston2009-2012
3335Tyler PellegrinoLake Travis2015-2018128207744.53Rhodes
4317Nakeie MontgomeryEpiscopal Dallas2014-2017199118
5276Trevor AtkinsHillcrest2008-201119779
6268Brandon MeauxEpiscopal Dallas2015-201817098Georgetown
7263Sam RomanoEpiscopal Dallas2012-2015163100

Career Saves

1692Connor LairdJames Bowie2014-2017
2503Tri HaysDripping Springs2013-2016

Career Faceoff


Player: Season Goals

112Connor OwenSr.Keller2019217.52
86Trevor AtkinsHillcrest2011
85Jackson RoseSr.Lake Travis2018214.48
84Cole SchmittJr.Prosper2018
81Jackson RoseJr.Lake Travis2017175.35
80Cole SchmittSr.Prosper2019265.31
77Tyler JohnsonSr.Langham2018214.29
70Aidan CawthraSr.Keller2019214.62

Player: Season Assists

71Tyler PellegrinoSr.Lake Travis2018214.48
58Cole SchmittSr.Prosper2019265.31
54Tyler PellegrinoJr.Lake Travis2017174.76
47Brandon MeauxSr.Episcopal Dallas2018214.95
46Connor OwenSr.Keller2019217.52
44Nakeie MontgomeryJr.Episcopal Dallas2016
43Richie LoftusEpiscopal School Dallas2014
42Alex BrooksJr.Langham2018212.81
41Alex WeisSr.Plano East2018205.10
40Harrison EssexSr.Lake Travis2017175.29

Player: Season Points

158Connor OwenSr.Keller201911246217.52
138Cole SchmittSr.Prosper20198058265.31
118Cole SchmittJr.Prosper20188434#DIV/0!
109Trevor AtkinsHillcrest20118623#DIV/0!
107Nakeie MontgomeryJr.Episcopal Dallas20166344#DIV/0!
104Brandon MeauxSr.Episcopal Dallas20185747214.95
102Alex WeisSr.Plano East20186141205.10
97Aidan CawthraSr.Keller20197027214.62
94Jackson RoseSr.Lake Travis2018859214.48
94Sam RomanoEpiscopal Dallas2015#DIV/0!
94Tyler PellegrinoSr.Lake Travis20182371214.48
93Harrison EssexLake Travis20165637#DIV/0!
91Jackson RoseJr.Lake Travis20178110175.35
90Harrison EssexSr.Lake Travis20175040175.29
90Tyler JohnsonSr.Langham20187713214.29
81Tyler PellegrinoJr.Lake Travis20172754174.76
59Alex BrooksJr.Langham20181742212.81
43Richie LoftusEpiscopal School Dallas201443#DIV/0!

Player: Season Saves

Svs.AthleteHigh SchoolSt.YearGP

Player: Season Faceoff

79.35Thomas MuraskiJr.Keller20193428943121

Player: Game Goals

12Richie LoftusEpiscopal Dallas (Dallas)Allen (Texas)2013121
10Ryan PrinceSr.Fort Worth Country Day (Fort Worth)Fort Worth Paschal (Texas)Apr-42017102
10Harrison KeySr.Highland Park (Texas)Lovejoy (Texas)Apr-302018100
10Brandon MillerSo.Cumberland Academy (Texas)Parkway (La.)Mar-102017101
10Brandon MillerSo.Cumberland Academy (Texas)Huntingdon (Texas)Mar-102017101
10Connor OwenSr.Keller (Texas)Bridge (Texas)Mar-232019102
9Jackson RoseJr.Lake Travis (Austin)Georgetown (Texas)Mar-25201791
9Ryan PrinceSr.Fort Worth Country Day (Fort Worth)Flower Mound (Texas)Mar-25201790
9Thomas MenckeSo.Highland Park (Texas)IMG Academy (Fla.)Mar-11201993
8Makay HansenSo.Highland Park (Dallas)Flower Mound (Flower Mound)Feb-23201780
8Cole SchmittJr.Prosper (Texas)Fort Worth (Texas)Apr-13201882
8Cole SchmittJr.Prosper (Texas)Prestonwood (Texas)May-1201882
8Brandon MillerSr.Cumberland Academy (Texas)Ft Worth Country Day (Texas)Mar-1201985
8Connor OwenSr.Keller (Texas)TMI Episcopal (Texas)May-4201984
8Connor OwenSr.Keller (Texas)Plano (Texas)Feb-2201983
7Jackson RoseJr.Lake Travis (Austin)Kingwood (Texas)Mar-4201772
7Nakeie MontgomerySr.Episcopal Dallas (Dallas)Flower Mound (Flower Mound)Feb-17201772
7Jackson RoseJr.Lake Travis (Austin)Dripping Springs (Texas)Apr-8201771
7Jackson RoseJr.Lake Travis (Austin)Round Rock (Texas)Feb-18201771
7Makay HansenSo.Highland Park (Dallas)Fort Worth (Texas)Mar-8201771
7Trevor AtkinsHillcrest (Dallas, Texas)Clear LakeMay-820117
7Trevor AtkinsHillcrest (Dallas, Texas)Forth Worth Country DayMar-2620117
7Will PerkinsSr.St. Mark's (Dallas)Westlake Austin (Texas)Apr-2920127
7Jackson RoseJr.Lake Travis (Austin)Westlake (Texas)Apr-19201770
7Brennan TuckerJr.Fort Bend (Texas)Bellaire (Texas)Feb-2201974
7William CobenJr.Greenhill (Texas)Plano East (Texas)Mar-1201971
7John BurtonJr.Rockwall (Texas)McKinney (Texas)Apr-16201973
7Connor OwenSr.Keller (Texas)Ft. Worth Country Day (Texas)Mar-28201973
7Connor OwenSr.Keller (Texas)Greenhill (Texas)Mar-21201972
7Connor OwenSr.Keller (Texas)Flower Mound (Texas)Apr-12201970
7Connor OwenSr.Keller (Texas)Georgetown (Texas)May-5201971
7Aidan CawthraSr.Keller (Texas)Ft. Worth Country Day (Texas)Mar-28201972

Player: Game Assists

9Cole SchmittSr.Prosper (Texas)Plano (Texas)TXApr-142019
7Nakeie MontgomerySr.Episcopal Dallas (Dallas)St. Mark's (Dallas)TXMar-242017

Player: Game Points

Pts.PlayerClassAthlete SchoolOpponentStateDateYearGA
13Brandon MillerSr.Cumberland Academy (Texas)Ft Worth Country Day (Texas)TXMar-1201985
12Richie LoftusEpiscopal Dallas (Dallas)Allen (Texas)TX2013121
12Ryan PrinceSr.Fort Worth Country Day (Fort Worth)Fort Worth Paschal (Texas)TXApr-42017102
12Thomas MenckeSo.Highland Park (Texas)IMG Academy (Fla.)TXMar-11201993
12Cole SchmittSr.Prosper (Texas)Plano (Texas)TXApr-14201939
12Connor OwenSr.Keller (Texas)Bridge (Texas)TXMar-232019102
12Connor OwenSr.Keller (Texas)TMI Episcopal (Texas)TXMay-4201984
12Connor OwenSr.Keller (Texas)Plano (Texas)TXApr-29201966
11Brennan TuckerJr.Fort Bend (Texas)Bellaire (Texas)TXFeb-2201974
11Brandon MillerSo.Cumberland Academy (Texas)Parkway (La.)TXMar-102017101
11Brandon MillerSo.Cumberland Academy (Texas)Huntingdon (Texas)TXMar-102017101
11Connor OwenSr.Keller (Texas)Plano (Texas)TXFeb-2201983
10Jackson RoseJr.Lake Travis (Austin)Georgetown (Texas)TXMar-25201791
10Harrison KeySr.Highland Park (Texas)Lovejoy (Texas)TXApr-302018100
10Cole SchmittJr.Prosper (Texas)Fort Worth (Texas)TXApr-13201882
10Cole SchmittJr.Prosper (Texas)Prestonwood (Texas)TXMay-1201882
10Cole SchmittSr.Prosper (Texas)Plano East (Texas)TXFeb-22201946
10Cole SchmittJr.Prosper (Texas)Hillcrest (Texas)TXFeb-8201655
10Brandon MillerSr.Cumberland Academy (Texas)Loyola College Prep (La.)TXFeb-9201955
10John BurtonJr.Rockwall (Texas)McKinney (Texas)TXApr-16201973
10Connor OwenSr.Keller (Texas)Ft. Worth Country Day (Texas)TXMar-28201973

Player: Game Saves

42Travis TunstallCinco Ranch (Katy, Texas)Klein Oak (Texas)TXJan-172005
26Connor LairdSr.James Bowie (Austin)Austin (Texas)TXApr-82017
25Connor LairdSr.James Bowie (Austin)Lake Travis (Texas)TXMar-302017
24Josh HargroveSr.Rockwall (Texas)Allen (Texas)TXApr-252019
23Connor LairdSr.James Bowie (Austin)Westlake (Texas)TXApr-42017
21Jeremy LimCoppell (Texas)St. Paul's (Md.)TXMar-182015
21Ryan DarbySr.Plano West (Texas)Southlake (Texas)TXApr-22016
20Connor LairdSr.James Bowie (Austin)Vandegrift (Texas)TXMar-252017

Player: Game Faceoff (By Percentage)

Pct.PlayerCl.High SchoolOpponentSt.DateYearWLTK
100.00Thomas MuraskiJr.Keller (Texas)Ft. Worth Country Day (Texas)TXMar-28201921021
100.00Anthony GhobrielSo.Highland Park (Texas)McKinney (Texas)TXFeb-27201920020
95.24Thomas MuraskiJr.Keller (Texas)Hebron (Texas)TXMar-30201920121
94.74Thomas MuraskiJr.Keller (Texas)Flower Mound (Texas)TXApr-12201918119
94.12Christian ReevesFr.Highland Park (Texas)St. Thomas More (La.)TXFeb-2201916117
87.50John BurtonSr.St. Mark's (Texas)Greenhill (Texas)TXMar-7201914216

Team Records: Consecutive Wins

No.School (City)Start DateEnd Date
25Coppell (Coppell)May 112009March 62011
23The Woodlands (The Woodlands)February 42017May 132017
19Highland Park (Dallas)March 22005March 42006
18The Woodlands (The Woodlands)January 262013April 192013
18Episcopal Dallas (Dallas)February 172017May 142017
16Highland Park (Dallas)April 62008March 192009
16Flower Mound (Flower Mound)April 92011April 152012

Team Records: THSLL Champions

YearD-I ChampionRunner-UpWinning CoachD-II ChampionRunner-UpWinning Coach
2019Episcopal School of Dallas (19-3)Highland Park (12-4)Jay SothoronProsper (19-3)Smithson Valley (10-3)Corey Caputo
2018The Woodlands (22-1)St. Mark's (14-8)Keith TintleHighland Park II (15-2)Prosper (16-4)Ross Thomson
2017Dallas JesuitEpiscopal DallasChris SurranRockwallGreenhillMichael Fay
2016Dallas JesuitHighland ParkChris SurranColleyville (21-5)McKinney (11-7)Gary Dennington
2015Highland ParkThe WoodlandsDerek ThomsonHighland Park DIIColleyvilleRoss Thomson
2014Episcopal DallasDallas JesuitPat KennedyFlower MoundKellerTerry Cole
2013St. Mark'sEpiscopal DallasHayward LeeFlower MoundClear LakeTerry Cole
2012Highland ParkSt. Mark'sDerek ThomsonHighland Park DIIKleinRoss Thomson
2011CoppellDallas JesuitJared VeniaHillcrestClear LakeBill Elliott
2010Highland ParkSt. Mark'sDerek ThomsonCoppellHouston ChristianJared Venia
2009Highland ParkSt. Mark'sDerek ThomsonCoppellStony PointGary Dennington
2008Highland ParkEpiscopal DallasDerek ThomsonHighland Park DIICy-FairRoss Thomson
2007Episcopal DallasSt. Mark'sKevin BarnicleCy-FairHighland Park DIIChris Wilke
2006St. John'sEpiscopal DallasSam ChambersKleinCy-FairTim Leyden
2005Highland ParkEpiscopal DallasDerek ThomsonPlano WestPlano EastDave Flick
2004Highland ParkSt. Mary's HallDerek ThomsonWestsideSt. Anthony's
2003Episcopal DallasEpiscopal HoustonHayward LeeStrake JesuitCy-FairPaul DiMarco
2002Episcopal DallasDallas JesuitHayward LeeStrake JesuitC.E. ByrdPaul DiMarco
2001St. John'sLamarSam ChambersBellaireC.E. Byrd
2000St. Mary's HallSt. John'sEarl Bill
1999St. Mary's HallDallas JesuitEarl Bill
1998St. Mary's HallSt. John'sEarl Bill
1997KinkaidSt. Mary's Hall
1996KinkaidSt. John's
1995LamarSt. Mary's Hall
1993AustinEpiscopal Houston
1992Episcopal HoustonPlano
1991Episcopal HoustonWestwood
1990St. John'sEpiscopal Houston
1989LamarSt. John's

Team Records: Most Championships

Last update: Oct. 18, 2019

NRNo.High SchoolSt.
637Highland ParkTX
1364Highland Park IITX
1553St. Mary's HallTX
1573St. Mark'sTX
1783Episcopal School of DallasTX
2082Strake JesuitTX
2172St. John's (Texas)TX
2672Flower MoundTX
2762Dallas JesuitTX
3191The WoodlandsTX
3621Plano WestTX

Coach Records: Wins

1239Hayward LeeSt. Mark's (Dallas)/et al.)2000-2013/2017-Present
2185Chris SurranDallas Jesuit (Dallas)2007-Present
3159Derek ThomsonHighland Park (Highland Park)2004-2017
4150Earl BillSt. Mary's Hall (San Antonio)1993-2003
5150Bill ElliottHillcrest (Dallas)1996-Present*
6136Ross ThomsonHighland Park II (Dallas)2007-Present
7128Pat KennedyEpiscopal School Dallas (Dallas)/Summit Country Day (Ohio)2012-2018
8128Keith TintleThe Woodlands (The Woodlands)2013-Present
9123Brendan CarneyFlower Mound (Texas)/et al.2003-Present
10123Brendan CarneyFlower Mound (Texas)/et al.2003-Present
11112Andy GarriganFlower Mound (Texas)2003-2013/2016
12109Kevin BarnicleEpiscopal School (Dallas)2004-2011
13107Dave SealeThe Woodlands (Texas)2002-2012

Coach Records: Championships

Last updated: Oct. 18, 2019

No.FirstLastHigh SchoolSt.
7DerekThomsonHighland ParkTX
4RossThomsonHighland Park IITX
3HaywardLeeSt. Mark'sTX
3EarlBillSt. Mary's HallTX
2ChrisSurranDallas JesuitTX
2TerryColeFlower MoundTX
2SamChambersSt. John'sTX
2PaulDiMarcoStrake JesuitTX
1PatKennedyEpiscopal DallasTX
1KevinBarnicleEpiscopal DallasTX
1DaveFlickPlano WestTX
1KeithTintleThe WoodlandsTX
1JaySothoronEpiscopal School of DallasTX

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