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Best Known Ohio Boys’ High School Lacrosse Records

by Mike Loveday
Best Known Ohio Boys’ High School Lacrosse Records

Included on this page are the best known and reported performances in Ohio boys' high school lacrosse. Included here are the players with the most known goals, assists, points and saves in Ohio high school boys’ lacrosse history. You will also find all-time coaching wins, team consecutive wins, and state championship information. There could be players missing from this list but are added as discovered.

Criteria For Inclusion

Minimums for career stats are: 100 goals, 100 assists, 200 points, 500 saves
Minimums for season stats are: 70 goals, 40 assists, 90 points, 250 saves
Minimums for game stats are: 7 goals, 7 assists, 10 points, 25 saves

Last update: June 22, 2017

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All-Time No. 1s

Ohio All-Time No. 1s
Goals256Augustus StewartSummit Country Day2009-2013
Assists185Tim DonnellHilliard Davidson1999-2002
Points410Connor BuczekSt. Xavier2008-2011
Saves701Connor HinsonNew Albany2009-2012
Coach Wins460Ted Wolford, Upper Arlington (Columbus, Ohio), 1992-2016

Career Goals

Minimum 100

1256Augustus StewartSummit Country Day (Ohio)2009-2013
2245Mat WilsonWestern Reserve Academy (Hudson)1998-2001
3233Dylan CrouchEdgewood (Trenton)2014-2017
4228JT BlubaughSt. Francis DeSales (Columbus)2010-2013
5208Pat KennedyArchbishop Moeller (Cincinnati)1994-1997
6192Mitch GilleyCuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls)2014-2017
7185Eric RuhlDublin Jerome (Dublin)xxxx-xxxx
8171Brandon SalleeArchbishop Moeller (Cincinnati)1997-1999
9163Corey BauerArchbishop Moeller (Cincinnati)2006-2009
10158Cory LockwoodArchbishop Moeller (Cincinnati)2014-2017
11156Mason AxlineGreen (Ohio)xxxx-xxxx
12155Mike SarsonSt. Francis DeSales (Columbus)2006-2009
13154Noah DeSousaCuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls)2014-2017
14150Brian AndersonWorthington Kilbourne (Columbus)xxxx-1996
15149Nick BeattieWorthington Kilbourne (Columbus)xxxx-2006
16145Anthony CiammaichellaSt. Francis DeSales (Columbus)2009-2012
17137Matt KnottWorthington Kilbourne (Columbus)xxxx-1996
18134Andrew DonatelliOlentangy (Lewis Center)2006-2009
19132Tim DonnellHilliard Davidson (Hilliard)1999-2002
20132Andrew WilfongWorthington Kilbourne (Columbus)xxxx-xxxx
21129Jimmy RuskaOlentangy Liberty (Powell)2010-2011
22127Jim KennedyArchbishop Moeller (Cincinnati)1990-1993
23127Sean FineganArchbishop Moeller (Cincinnati)2005-2008
24126Jimmy GavaroneBowling Green (Bowling Green)2015-2018
25110Alex KeeganBishop Fenwick (Franklin)2006-2009
26110Mitch CatinoArchbishop Moeller (Cincinnati)2009-2012
27104Jacob FullerArchbishop Moeller (Cincinnati)2009-2012
28104Harrison SchertzingerSummit Country Day (Cincinnati)2015-2018
29103Drake BeitelBishop Fenwick (Franklin)2011-2014
30102Drake SnarskiBishop Fenwick (Franklin)2010-2013
31102Quinn CollisonArchbishop Moeller (Cincinnati)2010-2013
32101Jack SlomskySt. Francis DeSales (Columbus)2009-2012

Career Assists

Minimum 100

1185Tim DonnellHilliard Davidson (Hilliard)1999-2002
2150Matt KnottWorthington Kilbourne (Columbus)xxxx-1996
3136Pat KennedyArchbishop Moeller (Cincinnati)1994-1997
4134Harrison SchertzingerSummit Country Day (Cincinnati)2015-2018
5127Jim KennedyArchbishop Moeller (Cincinnati)1990-1993
6110Mat WilsonWestern Reserve Academy (Hudson)1998-2001
7105Mitch GilleyCuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls)2014-2017

Career Points

Minimum 200

1410Connor BuczekSt. Xavier (Cincinnati)2008-2011
2355Mat WilsonWestern Reserve Academy (Hudson)1998-2001
3344Pat KennedyArchbishop Moeller (Cincinnati)1994-1997208
4330Dylan CrouchEdgewood (Trenton)2014-2017233
5317Tim DonnellHilliard Davidson (Hilliard)1999-2002
6297Mitch GilleyCuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls)2014-2017192
7289JT BlubaughSt. Francis DeSales (Columbus)2010-2013228
8287Matt KnottWorthington Kilbourne (Columbus)xxxx-1996
9263Jim KennedyArchbishop Moeller (Cincinnati)1990-1993
10240Eric RuhlDublin Jerome (Dublin)xxxx-xxxx
11238Harrison SchertzingerSummit Country Day (Cincinnati)2015-2018104
12236Corey BauerArchbishop Moeller (Cincinnati)2006-2009163
13229Mason AxlineGreen (Ohio)xxxx-xxxx
14228Nick BeattieWorthington Kilbourne (Columbus)xxxx-2006
15227Brian AndersonWorthington Kilbourne (Columbus)xxxx-1996
16224Mike SarsonSt. Francis DeSales (Columbus)2006-2009155
17205Brandon SalleeArchbishop Moeller (Cincinnati)1997-1999171
18200Anthony CiammaichellaSt. Francis DeSales (Columbus)2009-2012145
19200Jack SlomskySt. Francis DeSales (Columbus)2009-2012101

Career Saves

Minimum 300

1701Connor HinsonNew Albany (New Albany)2009-2012
2683Bryan KarnSolon (Ohio)2012-2015
3670Paul NewboldLoveland (Ohio)2010-2013
4578Vivek SahaiWorthington Kilbourne (Columbus1996-1998
5576Jay WoodleeCuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls)2014-2017
6547Roger FishWorthington Kilbourne (Columbus2002-2004
7527Jeff LaguschWorthington Kilbourne (Columbus1992-1993
8449Joe SalernoSt. Francis DeSales (Columbus)2008-2009
9384Tyler McClarySt. Francis DeSales (Columbus)2011-2012
10366Tony KvitkoWorthington Kilbourne (Columbus2005-2006
11358Demetri MichaelidesWorthington Kilbourne (Columbus2000-2001
12310Mike HarveyOlentangy Liberty (Powell2006-2008

Career Faceoff

Coming Soon

Player: Season Goals

94Dylan CrouchSr.Edgewood2017167.38
91Brian AndersonWorthington Kilbourne1996
87Luke HollandSr.Dublin Coffman2018234.39
87Ryan BorcherdingDublin Coffman2011
80Wyatt FrulandJr.Indian Hill2018
80Bennett MillerSt. John's2016
80Jake TackettSr.Mentor2018205.65
78Gus StewartSummit Country Day2012
78Ben MarquisFr.Oakwood2015175.00
76JT BlubaughSt. Francis DeSales2011
74Adam ClarkLoveland2016
71Andre WhiteNew Albany2016
70AJ RigsbySr.Bishop Watterson2017196.68

Player: Season Assists

68Harrison SchertzinzerSummit Country Day2016
62Austin MacDonaldOakwood2015
58Ethan TyackJr.Dublin Coffman2018234.74
57AJ RigsbySr.Bishop Watterson2017196.68
57Cam BowdySr.Dublin Coffman2018234.96
57Brendan SigurdsonArchbishop Moeller2017243.92
47Wyatt FrulandJr.Indian Hill2018
42Nick HassingerWadsworth2016
40Jack AtwoodJr.Cuyahoga Valley Christian2017214.00

Player: Season Points

127AJ RigsbySr.Bishop Watterson20177057196.68
127Wyatt FrulandJr.Indian Hill20188047#DIV/0!
124Austin MacDonaldOakwood20156262#DIV/0!
119Bennett MillerSt. John's20168039#DIV/0!
118Dylan CrouchSr.Edgewood20179424167.38
114Cam BowdySr.Dublin Coffman20185757234.96
113Jake TackettSr.Mentor20188033205.65
109Ethan TyackJr.Dublin Coffman20185158234.74
104Adam ClarkLoveland20167430#DIV/0!
101Luke HollandSr.Dublin Coffman20188717234.39
100Mitch GilleyCuyahoga Valley Christian Academy20176634#DIV/0!
98Jake StylskiJr.Kings20186236175.76
94Brendan SigurdsonArchbishop Moeller20173757243.92
93Nick HassingerWadsworth20165142#DIV/0!
93Evan JamesJr.Dublin Coffman20185934234.04
92Thomas HirschMason20135834204.60
91Brian AndersonWorthington Kilbourne1996910#DIV/0!
91Gus StewartSummit Country Day20127813#DIV/0!
91Christopher EifertJr.Bay20176823#DIV/0!
90Harrison SchertzinzerSummit Country Day20162268#DIV/0!
87Ryan BorcherdingDublin Coffman2011870#DIV/0!
85Ben MarquisFr.Oakwood2015787175.00
84Jack AtwoodJr.Cuyahoga Valley Christian20174440214.00
76JT BlubaughSt. Francis DeSales2011760#DIV/0!
71Andre WhiteNew Albany2016710#DIV/0!

Player: Season Saves

Svs.AthleteHigh SchoolSt.Year
290Otto BohanWestern Reserve Academy (Ohio)OH2014
279Nathan HessPickerington North (Pickerington)OH2013
267Jeff LaguschWorthington Kilbourne (Columbus)OH1993
262Roger FishWorthington Kilbourne (Columbus)OH2004
261Connor HinsonNew Albany (New Albany)OH2011
260Jeff LaguschWorthington Kilbourne (Columbus)OH1992
247Paul NewboldLoveland (Ohio)OH2011
245Connor HinsonNew Albany (New Albany)OH2012
240Tyler ZickelHudson (Hudson)OH2011

Player: Season Faceoff

Coming 2018

Player: Game Goals

13Augustus StewartSummit Country Day (Ohio)Kings (Ohio)May-24201313
10Devon MakiPickerington Central (Ohio)Bexley (Ohio)Apr-122012102
10Dylan CrouchSr.Edgewood (Trenton)Franklin (Ohio)Apr-262017101
10Alex WeinbergSo.St. John's Jesuit (Toledo)Sylvania Southview (Ohio)May-92017100
9Tommy BichselWesterville North (Westerville)Dublin Scioto (Dublin)Mar-28201793
9Jake TackettJr.Mentor (Ohio)Avon (Ohio)Mar-23201792
9Sammy HongWorthington Kilbourne (Columbus, Ohio)20039
9Pat RiffeeWorthington Kilbourne (Columbus, Ohio)Dublin Jerome (Ohio)May-320099
9Sam KeeganBishop Fenwick (Franklin)Lakota East (Ohio)Apr-1420109
9Nick BrandtSr.Olentangy Orange (Lewis Center)Hilliard Bradley (Ohio)Apr-3201790
8Alex MillerSycamore (Cincinnati)Lakota East (Ohio)201384
8Alex ShepleySr.Green (Ohio)Strongsville (Ohio)Apr-320128
8Zack HeflinSo.Bishop Fenwick (Franklin)Fairfield (Ohio)Mar-2220168
8AJ Van VoorhisHilliard Davidson (Ohio)Thomas Worthington (Ohio)May-8201882
8Wyatt FrulandJr.Indian Hill (Ohio)Bexley (Ohio)Apr-21201883
8Wyatt FrulandJr.Indian Hill (Ohio)Turpin (Ohio)Apr-27201882
7AJ RigsbySr.Bishop Watterson (Columbus)Pickerington North (Ohio)May-9201774
7Marcus DietzSr.St. Francis DeSales (Columbus)New Albany (Ohio)Apr-2820127
7Nick HarrisSo.Dublin Coffman (Dublin)Mason (Ohio)Apr-1201770
7Henry SchertzingerSr.Summit Country Day (Ohio)Elder (Ohio)Mar-16201871
7Wyatt FrulandJr.Indian Hill (Ohio)McNick (Ohio)Apr-18201872

Player: Game Assists

10David St. ClairSr.Hilliard Davidson (Hilliard)NewarkOHApr-272017
9Austin MacDonaldSr.Oakwood (Ohio)Bishop Fenwick (Ohio)OHMay-162015
8Max ColeSr.Hudson (Ohio)St. Francis De Sales (Toledo)OHMar-182017
8Wyatt FrulandJr.Indian Hill (Ohio)Summit Country Day (Ohio)OHApr-282018
8Wyatt FrulandJr.Indian Hill (Ohio)Sycamore (Ohio)OHMay-112018
7Aaron HemlerSr.Dayton (Ohio)Clinton County (Ohio)OHMay-112012

Player: Game Points

Pts.PlayerClassAthlete SchoolOpponentStateDateYearGA
13Augustus StewartSummit Country Day (Ohio)Kings (Ohio)OHMay-24201313
12Devon MakiPickerington Central (Ohio)Bexley (Ohio)OHApr-122012102
12Alex MillerSycamore (Cincinnati)Lakota East (Ohio)OH201384
12Tommy BichselWesterville North (Westerville)Dublin Scioto (Dublin)OHMar-28201793
12Austin MacDonaldSr.Oakwood (Ohio)Bishop Fenwick (Ohio)OHMay-16201539
12Aaron HemlerSr.Dayton (Ohio)Clinton County (Ohio)OHMay-11201257
11David St. ClairSr.Hilliard Davidson (Hilliard)NewarkOHApr-272017110
11Gus StewartJr.Summit Country Day (Cincinnati, Ohio)Kings (Cincinnati, Ohio)OHMar-312012
11AJ RigsbySr.Bishop Watterson (Columbus)Pickerington North (Ohio)OHMay-9201774
11Jake TackettJr.Mentor (Ohio)Avon (Ohio)OHMar-23201792
11Dylan CrouchSr.Edgewood (Trenton)Franklin (Ohio)OHApr-262017101
11Wyatt FrulandJr.Indian Hill (Ohio)Bexley (Ohio)OHApr-21201883
11Wyatt FrulandJr.Indian Hill (Ohio)Summit Country Day (Ohio)OHApr-28201838
10AJ RigsbySr.Bishop Watterson (Columbus)Bexley (Ohio)OHMay-1201755
10AJ RigsbySr.Bishop Watterson (Columbus)Hilliard Darby (Ohio)OHMar-28201746
10Alex WeinbergSo.St. John's Jesuit (Toledo)Sylvania Southview (Ohio)OHMay-92017100
10Owen TaylorIndian Hill (Cincinnati)Cincinnati Hills (Ohio)OHApr-10201764
10Harrison SchertzingerSr.Summit Country Day (Ohio)Elder (Ohio)OHMar-16201855
10AJ Van VoorhisHilliard Davidson (Ohio)Thomas Worthington (Ohio)OHMay-8201882
10Wyatt FrulandJr.Indian Hill (Ohio)Turpin (Ohio)OHApr-27201882

Player: Game Saves

32Otto BohanWestern Reserve Academy (Columbus, Ohio)Brother Rice (Mich.)OHApr-122014
30Marshal AmonSr.Loveland (Ohio)St. Xavier (Ohio)OHMay-272016
24Noah DubravaSr.Centerville (Ohio)Dublin Coffman (Ohio)OHApr-222016
24Jacob SeifertSr.Oak Hills (Cincinnati)LaSalle (Cincinnati)OHMar-182017
24Joey RozicSr.Mentor (Ohio)Brunswick (Ohio)OHMay-22017
23Otto BohanWestern Reserve Academy (Columbus, Ohio)St. Ignatius (Ohio)OHApr-92014
22Jack DenningSr.Bishop Fenwick (Franklin)Indian Hill (Ohio)OHApr-82017
21Evan SchusterSr.Sycamore (Montgomery)Springboro (Ohio)OHMar-292017

Player: Game Faceoff (By Percentage)

Coming 2018

Team Records: Consecutive Wins

No.School (City)StateStart DateEnd Date
61Upper Arlington (Columbus)OHJune 191999
29Dublin Jerome (Dublin)OH2011June 22012
20Upper Arlington (Columbus)OHMay 102016May 22017
19Hudson (Hudson)OHMarch 232015May 282015
17Delaware Hayes (Delaware)OHMarch 252015May 222015

Team: OHSAA Champions

YearDivision IDivision II
2017Archbishop MoellerMariemont

Team: OHSLA Champions (Pre-Sanctioning)

YearDivision IDivision IIDivision IIIDivision IVTeamTitles
2016Upper ArlingtonWorthington KilbourneN/AN/AUpper Arlington16
2015St. XavierChagrin FallsN/AN/AThomas Worthington4
2014Upper ArlingtonMariemontN/AN/ADublin Jerome3
2013Upper ArlingtonMariemontN/AN/AMariemont3
2012Upper ArlingtonColumbus DeSalesN/AN/ASylvania LC3
2011HudsonDublin JeromeN/AN/AAnderson LC2
2010Upper ArlingtonDublin JeromeN/AN/AArchbishop Moeller2
2009Worthington KilbourneUniversity SchoolSylvania LCN/ACincinnati Country Day2
2008Upper ArlingtonUniversity SchoolSylvania LCN/ADublin Scioto2
2007Upper ArlingtonMariemontSylvania LCN/AHoover2
2006Upper ArlingtonHooverSummit Country DayAnderson LCSt. Xaiver2
2005Upper Arlington (IA Champ)/Dublin Jerome (IB Champ)Cincinnati Country DayAnderson LCN/AUniversity School2
2004Upper ArlingtonSycamoreHooverMasonWorthington Kilbourne2
2003Dublin SciotoMedinaChagrin FallsN/AChagrin Falls1
2002WoosterIndina HillsHawken SchoolN/AColumbus DeSales1
2001Upper ArlingtonWestern Reserve AcademyCincinnati Country DayN/AHawken School1
2000Upper ArlingtonSt. XaiverRevereN/AHudson1
1999Dublin SciotoN/AN/AN/AIndina Hills1
1998Upper ArlingtonN/AN/AN/AMason1
1997Upper ArlingtonN/AN/AN/AMedina1
1996Thomas WorthingtonN/AN/AN/ARevere1
1995Upper ArlingtonN/AN/AN/ASummit Country Day1
1994Upper ArlingtonN/AN/AN/ASycamore1
1993Archbishop MoellerN/AN/AN/AWestern Reserve Academy1
1992Archbishop MoellerN/AN/AN/AWooster1
1991Thomas WorthingtonN/AN/AN/A
1990Thomas WorthingtonN/AN/AN/A
1989Thomas WorthingtonN/AN/AN/A

Coach Records: Wins

Minimum 100

1460Ted Wolford, Upper Arlington (Columbus, Ohio), 1992-PresentR
2307Dave Blue, Hudson (Ohio), 1996-PresentA
3183Chris Gallagher, Thomas Worthington (Columbus), 1988-2000NA
4182Bill Wolford, Worthington Kilbourne/Upper Arlington, 1987-2006NA*
5181AJ Auld, Dublin Jerome (Ohio), 2006-2016NA
6165Pat Collura, Summit Country Day (Ohio), 2011-Present/St. Xavier (Ohio)A
7147Matt Triplet, Columbus DeSales (Columbus), 2005-PresentA
8139Tom Kennedy, Archbishop Moeller (Ohio), 1988-2008NA
9114Steve Kraus, Thomas Worthington (Columbus), 2001-2009NA
10113Phil Keegan, Bishop Fenwick (Franklin)A

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