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Missouri Best Known Boys High School Lacrosse Records

by Mike Loveday
Missouri Best Known Boys High School Lacrosse Records

Included on this page are the best-known boys' high school lacrosse records for Missouri. These are records that have been reported to and/or discovered by LaxRecords.

Included here are the players with the most known goals, assists, points and saves in Missouri high school boys' lacrosse history. You will also find all-time coaching wins, team consecutive wins, and state championship information. There could be players missing from this list, but they will be added as discovered and/or reported.

Criteria For Inclusion

Minimums for career stats are: 100 goals, 100 assists, 200 points, 500 saves
Minimums for season stats are: 70 goals, 40 assists, 90 points, 250 saves
Minimums for game stats are: 7 goals, 7 assists, 10 points, 25 saves

Last update: Aug. 21, 2018
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All-Time No. 1s

Last update: Sept. 17, 2019

Goals278Chase BakerEureka2016-2019
Assists157Graham BundyMICDS2016-2019
Points429Graham BundyMICDS2016-2019
Saves752Dylan RadkeDeSmet Jesuit2016-2019
Face-Off Wins646Isaac HennPark Hill South2016-2019
Coach Wins191Mike SennettDeSmet Jesuit (St. Louis)

Career Goals

1278Chase BakerEureka2016-201927867Colorado
2272Graham BundyMICDS2016-2019272157Georgetown
3216Mason PetersenBlue Valley Southwest2017-202021666545.22
4207John BinderWebster Groves2013-2016207128605.58
5200Thomas NiedringhausMICDS2017-2019200105Boston U.
6163Trystan GoetteClayton Valley2016-201916330444.39
7140Luke WetzelDeSmet Jesuit2016-201914094783.00Alabama
8129Jack StakerPembroke Hill2016-2019129101613.77
9107Cade EldredShawnee Mission East2018-202110765453.82

Career Assists

1157Graham BundyMICDS2016-2019272157Georgetown
2128John BinderWebster Groves2013-2016207128605.58
3105Thomas NiedringhausMICDS2017-2019200105Boston U.
4101Jack StakerPembroke Hill2016-2019129101613.77

Career Points

1429Graham BundyMICDS2016-2019272157Georgetown
2345Chase BakerEureka2016-201927867Colorado
3335John BinderWebster Groves2013-2016207128605.58
4305Thomas NiedringhausMICDS2017-2019200105Boston U.
5282Mason PetersenBlue Valley Southwest2017-202021666545.22
6234Luke WetzelDeSmet Jesuit2016-201914094783.00Alabama
7230Jack StakerPembroke Hill2016-2019129101613.77
8200Alexander FeldmanMICDS2015-2018
9193Trystan GoetteClayton Valley2016-201916330444.39
10172Cade EldredShawnee Mission East2018-202110765453.82

Career Saves


1752Dylan RadkeDeSmet Jesuit2016-201978

Career Faceoff

171.27Alex BeanMICDS2013-201669227997166

Player: Season Goals

94Mason PetersenJr.Blue Valley Southwest2019187.17
91Graham BundyJr.MICDS2018
89Griffin FriesSr.Shawnee Mission East2019234.96
88Chase BakerSr.Eureka2019
77Thomas NiedringhausSr.MICDS2019
76Parker CordovaChristian Brothers2014
75Cade EldredSo.Shawnee Mission East2019234.74
70Tripp MohrSr.East2017204.70
70George PalettaPriory2014

Player: Season Assists

66Max KeeleyChristian Brothers2014
55Graham BundyJr.MICDS2018
54JT ThiemannMICDS2014
53Luke WetzelSr.De Smet2019
53Luke WetzelSr.DeSmet Jesuit2019215.67
51Noah IversenDeSmet Jesuit2014
49Thomas NiedringhausSr.MICDS2019
49Connor EskridgeVianney2014
45Dan KinzelSr.De Smet2019
45Jake MartinEureka2014

Player: Season Points

146Graham BundyJr.MICDS20189155#DIV/0!
129Mason PetersenJr.Blue Valley Southwest20199435187.17
126Thomas NiedringhausSr.MICDS20197749#DIV/0!
119Luke WetzelSr.De Smet20196653#DIV/0!
119Luke WetzelSr.DeSmet Jesuit20196653215.67
114Griffin FriesSr.Shawnee Mission East20198925234.96
112Chase BakerSr.Eureka20198824#DIV/0!
109Cade EldredSo.Shawnee Mission East20197534234.74
96William LarsonSr.East20175937204.80
96Dan KinzelSr.De Smet20195145#DIV/0!
94Cole RoatchSr.Blue Valley West20176727175.53
94Tripp MohrSr.East20177024204.70
91Griffin FriesSo.Shawnee Mission East20175635204.55
76Parker CordovaChristian Brothers2014760#DIV/0!
70George PalettaPriory2014700#DIV/0!
66Max KeeleyChristian Brothers201466#DIV/0!
54JT ThiemannMICDS201454#DIV/0!
51Noah IversenDeSmet Jesuit201451#DIV/0!
49Connor EskridgeVianney201449#DIV/0!
45Jake MartinEureka201445#DIV/0!

Player: Season Saves

Svs.AthleteHigh SchoolSt.YearGP
240Dylan RadkeDe SmetMO2019Sr.

Player: Season Faceoff

70.18Hank BreckenridgeJr.East201827311638921
75.80Alex BeanSo.MICDS20142387631418
71.05Christian CatsavisSr.MICDS20122168830416
74.30Alex BeanJr.MICDS20152117328418
80.00Drew AlticSo.Chaminade201919248240
77.78Isaac HennSr.Park Hill South20191825223412
72.80Matt VollmerSr.Eureka20101826825016
67.29Michael GriffardSr.St. Louis University20111798726621
67.97Chip MoloneySr.St. Louis University20121748225622

Player: Game Goals

8Trystan GoetteSr.Clayton (Mo.)Kirkwood (Mo.)Mar-28201982
7Kevin McLineyRockhurst (Mo.)Lee's Summit West (Mo.)Mar-10201573
7Hutton MurdochClayton (Mo.)John Burroughs (Mo.)Mar-13201970
7Graham BundySr.MICDS (Mo.)St. Mary's (Mo.)Mar-12201974
7Isaiah HawkinsSr.South (Mo.)Park Hill South (Mo.)Apr-1201972
7Maximilian ArnoneSo.Wentzville (Mo.)Columbia Rockbridge (Mo.)Apr-10201971

Player: Game Assists

11Joe MirbahaSr.Vianney Marianist (Mo.)Fort Zumwalt (Mo.)MOApr-172018

Player: Game Points

Pts.PlayerClassAthlete SchoolOpponentStateDateYearGA
12Joe MirbahaSr.Vianney Marianist (Mo.)Fort Zumwalt (Mo.)MOApr-172018111
11Graham BundySr.MICDS (Mo.)St. Mary's (Mo.)MOMar-12201974
10Kevin McLineyRockhurst (Mo.)Lee's Summit West (Mo.)MOMar-10201573
10Trystan GoetteSr.Clayton (Mo.)Kirkwood (Mo.)MOMar-28201982

Player: Game Saves

25Pierce HartmanJr.Wentzville (Mo.)Lafayette (Mo.)MOApr-82019

Player: Game Faceoff (By Percentage)

Pct.PlayerCl.High SchoolOpponentSt.DateYearWLTK
66.67Cade EldredSo.Shawnee Mission East (Mo.)Park Hill South (Mo.)MOMar-6201910515

Team Records: Consecutive Wins

No.School (City)Start DateEnd Date
18MICDS (St. Louis)Apr-122016Mar-292017

Team Records: Championship Listing

2019MICDS (18-1)De Smet (16-5)15-1Andy Kay
2018MICDS (20-2)St Louis University Jesuit (14-6)13-1Andy Kay
2017 (D-I)MICDS (17-5)Chaminade Prep (13-5)16-5Andy Kay
2017 (D-II)Hazelwood Central (13-3)Kirkwood (9-9)15-4Brian Livingston
2016 (D-I)MICDS (19-1)St. Louis University Jesuit (14-5)7-1Andy Kay
2016 (D-II)Priory School (14-3)O'Fallon Township (12-3)7-6 (2OT)Tyler Orf
2015 (D-I)MICDS (16-4)Christian Brothers (8-7)13-3Andy Kay
2015 (D-II)Parkway West (13-2)Priory School (15-2)13-9Pete Stirling
2014 (D-I)MICDSChristian Brothers11-10 OTAndy Kay
2014 (D-II)Lindbergh (15-2)Marquette (16-3)4-3Jake Delashmit
2013 (D-I)Chrisitan Brothers (14-5)St. Louis University Jesuit (14-7)7-6Ed Condon
2013 (D-II)John Burroughs (18-1)Marquette (13-8)Troy Hood
2012St. Louis University Jesuit (21-2)MICDS (17-3)7-6Mark Seyer
2011 (D-I)Rockhurst Jesuit (24-2)MICDS10-5Jay Coleman
2011 (D-II)Hazelwood Central (15-4)Rockwood Summit (12-5)5-4Brian Livingston
2010 (D-I)Rockhurst Jesuit (21-5)Eureka (12-4)8-6Jay Coleman
2010 (D-II)Ladue (16-1)Clayton (14-4)14-7Jason Fauss
2009 (D-I)St Louis University Jesuit (19-3)Rockhurst Jesuit (18-7)11-10 (OT)Ron Kelam
2009 (D-II)Pembroke Hill (17-2)Eureka (15-3)6-5David Colbert
2008 (D-I)Rockhurst Jesuit (18-8)St. Louis University Jesuit11-2Jay Coleman
2008 (D-II)Fox (15-1)Clayton (11-8)9-8 (OT)Jeff Spink
2007Christian Brothers AcademyRockhurst Jesuit9-8 (OT)Ed Condon
2006Rockhurst JesuitMICDS19-5Jay Coleman
2005MICDSDeSmet Jesuit18-5Steve Hopkins
2004MICDSChristian Brothers4-3Court Creeden
2003Rockhurst JesuitMICDS7-4Jay Coleman
2002Desmet Jesuit (16-5)MICDS15-9Mike Sennett
2001Desmet Jesuit (16-5)Rockhurst Jesuit9-2Mike Sennett
2000MICDS (16-2)DeSmet Jesuit (12-7)8-7 (OT)
1999Desmet JesuitMike Sennett
1998Desmet JesuitMike Sennett
1997Desmet JesuitMike Sennett
1996Desmet JesuitMike Sennett

Team Records: Most Championships

Last update: Oct. 18, 2019

NRNo.High SchoolSt.
597Rockhurst JesuitKS | MO
806DeSmet JesuitMO
2162St. Louis University JesuitMO
2332Parkway WestMO
2642Hazelwood CentralMO
2822Christian Brothers (Mo.)MO
3561Priory SchoolMO
3691Pembroke HillMO
4221John BurroughsMO

Coach Records: Wins

1191Mike SennettDeSmet Jesuit (St. Louis)1991-2007
2182Ed CondonChristian Brothers (Mo.)2003-2016
3174Andy KayMICDS (St. Louis)2009-Present
4125Pete StirlingParkway West (Mo.)2005-Present
5107Brian LivingstonHazelwood Central (Mo.)2005-2017

Coach Records: Most Championships

Last updated: Oct. 18, 2019

No.FirstLastHigh SchoolSt.
6MikeSennettDeSmet JesuitMO
2BrianLivingstonHazelwood CentralMO
2EdCondonChristian BrothersMO
1TylerOrfPriory SchoolMO
1PeteStirlingParkway WestMO
1TroyHoodJohn BurroughsMO
1MarkSeyerSt. Louis University JesuitMO
1RonKelamSt. Louis University JesuitMO
1DavidColbertPembroke HillMO
1PeterStirlingParkway WestMO

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