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Kentucky Best Known Boys’ High School Lacrosse Records

by Mike Loveday
Kentucky Best Known Boys’ High School Lacrosse Records

Included on this are the best known and reported boys’ high school lacrosse records in Kentucky. Included here are the players with the most known goals, assists, points and saves in Kentucky high school boys’ lacrosse history. You will also find all-time coaching wins, team consecutive wins, and state championship information. There could be players missing from this list, but they will be added as discovered.

Criteria For Inclusion

Minimums for career stats are: 100 goals, 100 assists, 200 points, 500 saves
Minimums for season stats are: 70 goals, 40 assists, 90 points, 250 saves
Minimums for game stats are: 7 goals, 7 assists, 10 points, 25 saves

Last update: June 22, 2017
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All-Time No. 1s

Last update: May 8, 2019

Goals203Seiver UtseyLouisville Male2016-2019
Assists105Seiver UtseyLouisville Male2016-2019
Points355Sheldon BrownPaul Laurence Dunbar2014-2017
Saves683Garrett FeriellLouisville Male2016-2018
Coach Wins247Scott HoweSt. Xavier (Louisville)

Career Goals

Minimum 100

1200Joseph StuberLexington Catholic2015-201820014777.004.51
2196Sheldon BrownPaul Laurence Dunbar2014-201719615968.005.22
3178Joseph MulertPaul Laurence Dunbar2014-201717812266.004.55
4132Collin RoppelSt. Xavier2013-2015132126
5127Riley BurnsBeechwood2014-20171277938.005.42

Career Assists

Minimum 100

1147Joseph StuberLexington Catholic2015-2018200147774.51
2159Sheldon BrownPaul Laurence Dunbar2014-2017196159685.22
3122Joseph MulertPaul Laurence Dunbar2014-2017178122664.55
4126Collin RoppelSt. Xavier2013-2015132126
579Riley BurnsBeechwood2014-201712779385.42

Career Points

Minimum 100

1355Sheldon BrownPaul Laurence Dunbar2014-201719615968.005.22
2347Joseph StuberLexington Catholic2015-201820014777.004.51
3300Joseph MulertPaul Laurence Dunbar2014-201717812266.004.55
4258Collin RoppelSt. Xavier2013-2015132126
5206Riley BurnsBeechwood2014-20171277938.005.42
6105Graham PerkinsHenry Clay2012-2014

Career Saves

Minimum 300

1683Garrett FeriellLouisville Male2016-2018
2556John MullinsWoodford County2014-2017
3399Max CartorSt. Xavier2013-2015

Career Faceoff

167.59Peyton BrayLouisville St. XavierKY2016-201855926882752Transylvania
266.36Anthony KahlvPaul Laurence DunbarKY2013-2014286145431

Player: Season Goals

88Spencer KrissJr.Lexington Catholic2017235.39
86Sheldon BrownSr.Paul Laurence Dunbar2017207.55
86Jack TallySr.Covington Catholic2018196.37
85Joseph MulertSr.Paul Laurence Dunbar2017206.60
83Seiver UtseySo.Male2017196.79
82Jeremy BurnsBeechwood2013
80Joseph StuberJr.Lexington Catholic2017236.17
72Tavis CobbJr.Tates Creek2017215.19
71Kenneth MooreElizabethtown2016
71Nic BakerSo.Tates Creek2019205.10

Player: Season Assists

65Sheldon BrownSr.Paul Laurence Dunbar2017207.55
62Joseph StuberJr.Lexington Catholic2017236.17
49Sheldon BrownPaul Laurence Dunbar2016
47Joseph MulertSr.Paul Laurence Dunbar2017206.60
47Chandler BarrettSr.Bryan Station2019175.94
46Seiver UtseySo.Male2017196.79
46Andrew MullenSr.Covington Catholic2017195.26
43Joseph MulertPaul Laurence Dunbar2016
43Joseph StuberSo.Lexington Catholic2016194.68
40Nicholas DennisLexington Catholic2016

Player: Season Points

151Sheldon BrownSr.Paul Laurence Dunbar20178665207.55
142Joseph StuberJr.Lexington Catholic20178062236.17
132Joseph MulertSr.Paul Laurence Dunbar20178547206.60
129Seiver UtseySo.Male20178346196.79
124Spencer KrissJr.Lexington Catholic20178836235.39
121Jack TallySr.Covington Catholic20188635196.37
113Jeremy BurnsBeechwood20138231#DIV/0!
109Tavis CobbJr.Tates Creek20177237215.19
106Riley BurnsSr.Beechwood20176739147.57
105Sheldon BrownPaul Laurence Dunbar20165649#DIV/0!
102Nic BakerSo.Tates Creek20197131205.10
101Chandler BarrettSr.Bryan Station20195447175.94
100Andrew MullenSr.Covington Catholic20175446195.26
99Joseph StuberSr.Lexington Catholic20186534204.95
99Kenneth MooreElizabethtown20167128#DIV/0!
97Coletn ReynoldsSo.Henry Clay20196136214.62
95Joseph MulertPaul Laurence Dunbar20165243#DIV/0!
94Blake AlexanderDixie Heights20166331#DIV/0!
90Dirk MeinhartSr.Elizabethtown20186327165.63
89Joseph StuberSo.Lexington Catholic20164643194.68
40Nicholas DennisLexington Catholic201640#DIV/0!

Player: Season Saves

Svs.AthleteHigh SchoolSt.Year
379John MullinsWoodford County (Versailles)KY2017

Player: Season Faceoff

80.12Kagen ButlerSr.Dixie Heights20162586432214
75.00Kagen ButlerJr.Dixie Heights20152468232813
74.30Anthony KahlvJr.Paul Laurence Dunbar20131595521414
72.63Ben DawsonSr.Woodford County20181997527419
71.88Jacob JonesSr.Covington Catholic20182258831319
70.73Peyton BraySr.Louisville St. Xavier2018290120410
66.54Carson CraigJr.Lexington Catholic20181819127220

Player: Game Goals

10Henry StitesSr.Louisville Collegiate (Ky.)Christian Academy (Ky.)Mar-162018101
10Henry StitesJr.Louisville Collegiate (Louisville)South Oldham (Crestwood)Mar-82017100
9Colten ReynoldsSo.Henry Clay (Ky.)Lafayette (Ky.)Mar-2201992
8Henry StitesJr.Louisville Collegiate (Louisville)Louisville Male (Ky.)Apr-21201784
8Tavis CobbSr.Tates Creek (Lexington)North Hardin (Radcliff)Mar-5201784
8Joseph MulertJr.Paul Laurence Dunbar (Ky.)Lexington Christian (Ky.)Mar-17201682
8Riley BurnsSr.Beechwood (Ft. Mitchell)Woodford County (Ky.)Mar-25201782
8Seth CianfoniSo.Male (Ky.)Elizabethtown (Ky.)Mar-17201882
8Dirk MeinhartJr.Elizabethtown (Ky.)Woodford County (Versailles)Mar-13201780
8Ben ThomasSr.South Warren (Ky.)Central HardinMar-19201981
7Riley BurnsSr.Beechwood (Ft. Mitchell)Sayre (Ky.)Mar-22201774
7Riley BurnsSr.Beechwood (Ft. Mitchell)Bryan Station (Lexington)Mar-11201774
7Seiver UtseyJr.Male (Ky.)Evansville Harrison (Ky.)Mar-17201873
7Brody McCounSr.Woodford County (Ky.)Anderson County (Ky.)Mar-2201872
7Seth CianfoniSo.Male (Ky.)Covington Catholic (Ky.)Mar-3201872
7Brody McCounSr.Woodford County (Ky.)Bowling Green (Ky.)Mar-3201870
7Seth CianfoniJr.Male (Ky.)Christian Academy (Ky.)Mar-1201971
7Nic BakerSo.Tates Creek (Ky.)Elizabethtown (Ky.)Mar-9201971
7Nic BakerSo.Tates Creek (Ky.)Collins (Ky.)Mar-16201974
7Ben ThomasJr.South Warren (Ky.)Anderson County (Ky.)Apr-22201873
7Chandler BarrettSr.Bryan Station (Ky.)Collins (Ky.)Apr-17201973
7Ben ThomasSr.South Warren (Ky.)Lafayette (Ky.)Apr-27201973
7Gavin NolandSo.Louisville Trinity (Ky.)Turpin (Ohio)Apr-26201971

Player: Game Assists

7Sheldon BrownSr.Paul Laurence Dunbar (Lexington)Lexington Christian (Ky.)KYMar-292017
7Tavis CobbJr.Tates Creek (Lexington)Madison Central (Ky.)KYMar-282017
7Gaige PowersSr.Central Hardin (Ky.)Atherton (Ky.)KYMar-22019
7Gaige PowersSr.Central Hardin (Ky.)Atherton (Ky.)KYMar-22019
7Clint JonesFr.South Warren (Ky.)Anderson County (Ky.)KYApr-222018

Player: Game Points

Pts.PlayerClassAthlete SchoolOpponentStateDateYearGA
12Henry StitesJr.Louisville Collegiate (Louisville)Louisville Male (Ky.)KYApr-21201784
12Tavis CobbSr.Tates Creek (Lexington)North Hardin (Radcliff)KYMar-5201784
11Riley BurnsSr.Beechwood (Ft. Mitchell)Sayre (Ky.)KYMar-22201774
11Riley BurnsSr.Beechwood (Ft. Mitchell)Bryan Station (Lexington)KYMar-11201774
11Sheldon BrownSr.Paul Laurence Dunbar (Lexington)Lexington Christian (Ky.)KYMar-29201747
11Sheldon BrownSr.Paul Laurence Dunbar (Lexington)DuPont (Louisville)KYMar-25201765
11Sheldon BrownSr.Paul Laurence Dunbar (Lexington)Bryan Station (Lexington)KYMar-22201756
11Sheldon BrownSr.Paul Laurence Dunbar (Lexington)Sayre (Lexington)KYMar-9201756
11Tavis CobbJr.Tates Creek (Lexington)Madison Central (Ky.)KYMar-28201747
11Henry StitesSr.Louisville Collegiate (Ky.)Christian Academy (Ky.)KYMar-162018101
11Quint McDonaldSr.Lexington Henry Clay (Ky.)Madison (Ky.)KYMay-11201865
11Colten ReynoldsSo.Henry Clay (Ky.)Lafayette (Ky.)KYMar-2201992
11Nic BakerSo.Tates Creek (Ky.)Collins (Ky.)KYMar-16201974
11Clint JonesFr.South Warren (Ky.)Anderson County (Ky.)KYApr-22201847
11Ben ThomasSr.South Warren (Ky.)North Hardin (Ky.)KYApr-19201965
10Joseph MulertJr.Paul Laurence Dunbar (Ky.)Lexington Christian (Ky.)KYMar-17201682
10Henry StitesJr.Louisville Collegiate (Louisville)South Oldham (Crestwood)KYMar-82017100
10Joseph MulertSr.Paul Laurence Dunbar (Lexington)Dixie Heights (Ky.)KYMar-18201755
10Joseph MulertSr.Paul Laurence Dunbar (Lexington)Sayre (Ky.)KYMar-9201764
10Riley BurnsSr.Beechwood (Ft. Mitchell)Woodford County (Ky.)KYMar-25201782
10Riley BurnsSr.Beechwood (Ft. Mitchell)Anderson County (Ky.)KYMar-4201755
10Sheldon BrownSr.Paul Laurence Dunbar (Lexington)Tates Creek (Ky.)KYApr-10201764
10Seth CianfoniSo.Male (Ky.)Evansville Harrison (Ky.)KYMar-17201864
10Seth CianfoniSo.Male (Ky.)Elizabethtown (Ky.)KYMar-17201882
10Seiver UtseyJr.Male (Ky.)Evansville Harrison (Ky.)KYMar-17201873
10Ben ThomasJr.South Warren (Ky.)Anderson County (Ky.)KYApr-22201873
10Chandler BarrettSr.Bryan Station (Ky.)Collins (Ky.)KYApr-17201973
10Ben ThomasSr.South Warren (Ky.)Lafayette (Ky.)KYApr-27201973

Player: Game Saves


Player: Game Faceoff (By Percentage)

Pct.PlayerCl.High SchoolOpponentSt.DateYearWLTK

Team Records: Consecutive Wins

No.School (City)Start DateEnd Date
21Henry Clay (Lexington)March 92013March 202014
15Louisville Trinity (Louisville)February 252011May 202011

Team Records: Champions

YearDivisionWinning TeamRunner-UpScoreWinning Coach
2018KlALexington Catholic (14-6)Henry Clay (14-5)13-11Matt Campbell
2018KSLLSt. Xavier (16-6)Trinity (14-5)12-4Scott Howe
2017KlAHenry Clay (12-6)Lexington Catholic (16-8)7-6 OTJustin Otto
2017KSLLTrinity (18-3)St. Xavier (16-4)11-9Pete Schroeder
2016KSLLSt. Xavier (12-9)Trinity (11-12)10-9Scott Howe
2016KYLAHenry Clay (15-5)Lexington Catholic (21-4)7-6 (OT)Taylor McCoun
2015KSLLSt. Xavier (18-4)Kentucky Country Day (13-3)18-4Scott Howe
2015KYLAHenry Clay (14-4)Dunbar (15-4)9-4Taylor McCoun
2014KSLLLouisville St. XavierLousville Trinity10-6Scott Howe
2014KYLALexington CatholicLexington Henry Clay6-5Matt Campbell
2013KSLLLouisville TrinitySt. Xavier8-5Pete Schroeder
2013KYLALexington Henry ClayLexington Catholic10-4Taylor McCoun
2012D-ILouisville St. XavierTrinity8-7 OTScott Howe
2012D-IITates CreekNorth Oldham10-7Andy Tarter
2012D-IIINorthern KentuckyWoodford County8-6Paul Herbert
2011D-ILouisville St. XavierTrinity9-5Scott Howe
2011D-IIDunbarBallard9-7David Kaetzel
2010D-ILouisville St XavierLouisville Trinity8-6Scott Howe
2010D-IIChristian AcademyDuPont Manual9-6Phil Brock
2009Louisville St. XavierLouisville Collegiate10-9Scott Howe
2008D-ILouisville St XavierLexington Catholic10-9Scott Howe
2008D-IILouisville EasternLexington Henry Clay12-11 2OTJeremy Thompson
2007D-ITrinitySt. Xavier9-7Pete Schroeder
2007D-IIOldham CountyLouisville Eastern14-6Jim Murphy
2006D-ITrinityCatholic5-2Pete Schroeder
2006D-IITates CreekOldham County10-7Andy Tarter
2005TrinitySt. Xavier9-3Pete Schroeder
2004TrinitySt. Xavier9-5Pete Schroeder
2003St. XavierBallard12-4Scott Howe
2002Louisville St. XavierLouisville Trinity5-4Scott Howe

Team Records: Most Championships

Last update: Sept. 19, 2018

NRNo.High SchoolSt.
2511St. Xavier (Louisville)KY
1284Henry ClayKY
1912Lexington CatholicKY
1922Tates CreekKY
3261Christian AcademyKY
3281Louisville EasternKY
3291Northern KentuckyKY
3301Oldham CountyKY

Coach Records: Wins

Minimum 100

1247Scott Howe, St. Xavier (Louisville), 2002-Present
2235Pete Schroeder, Trinity (Ky.), 2002-Present
109Tim Reidy, Rockhurst Jesuit (Mo.), 2012-Present

Coach Records: Championships

Last updated: Nov. 14, 2018
NR=National Ranking position

No.FirstLastHigh SchoolSt.
11ScottHoweSt. XavierKY
3TaylorMcCounHenry ClayKY
2MattCampbellLexington CatholicKY
2AndyTarterTates CreekKY
1PhilBrockChristian AcademyKY
1JustinOttoHenry ClayKY
1JeremyThompsonLouisville EasternKY
1PaulHerbertNorthern KentuckyKY
1JimMurphyOldham CountyKY

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