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Indiana Best Known Boys’ Lacrosse Records

by Mike Loveday
Indiana Best Known Boys’ Lacrosse Records

Included on this page are the best known and reported performances for boys' lacrosse in Indiana. Included here are the players with the most known goals, assists, points and saves in Indiana high school boys' lacrosse history. You will also find all-time coaching wins, team consecutive wins, and state championship information. There could be players missing from this list, but they will be added as discovered.

Criteria For Inclusion

Minimums for career stats are: 100 goals, 100 assists, 200 points, 500 saves
Minimums for season stats are: 70 goals, 40 assists, 90 points, 250 saves
Minimums for game stats are: 7 goals, 7 assists, 10 points, 25 saves

Last update: June 22, 2017
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All-Time No. 1s

Last update: Oct 29, 2018

Indiana All-Time No. 1s
Goals324Devin SparksConcordia2013-2016
Assists201Daniel SparksConcordia2013-2016
Points488Devin SparksConcordia2013-2016
Saves464Henry TeeterHeritage Christian2012-2015
Coach Wins252Jon Posner, Culver Academy (Ind.), 2005-Present

Career Goals

Minimum 100

1324Devin SparksConcordia2013-2016324164St. Leo
2316Ethan WalkerCulver Academy2013-2016316105Denver
3253Daniel SparksConcordia2013-2016253201St. Leo
4181Tommy BlaisBloomington South2012-201518159
5175David JamesHeritage Christian2005-2008175117

Career Assists

Minimum 100

1201Daniel SparksConcordia2013-2016253201St. Leo
2164Devin SparksConcordia2013-2016324164St. Leo
3142Scott SchmadekeHeritage Christian2005-200864142
4117David JamesHeritage Christian2005-2008175117
5105Ethan WalkerCulver Academy2013-2016316105Denver
659Tommy BlaisBloomington South2012-201518159

Career Points

Minimum 200

1488Devin SparksConcordia2013-2016324164St. Leo
2454Daniel SparksConcordia2013-2016253201St. Leo
3421Ethan WalkerCulver Academy2013-2016316105Denver
4292David JamesHeritage Christian2005-2008175117
5240Tommy BlaisBloomington South2012-201518159
6206Scott SchmadekeHeritage Christian2005-200864142
7126Matt AndersonHeritage Christian2005-2008
8123Luke RichterHeritage Christian2009-2012
9107CJ TeeterHeritage Christian2005-2007
10104Andrew HarrisHeritage Christian2008-2011

Career Saves

Minimum 400

1464Henry TeeterHeritage Christian (Indianapolis)IN2012-2015

Career Faceoff


Player: Season Goals

89Colin ChattenSr.Grayslake North2011
86Cade NewtonSo.South Elgin2017
82Zach WoodJr.Waubonsie Valley2011
81Zach WoodSr.Waubonsie Valley2012
81Connor MerschSr.Waubonsie Valley2012
81Jake ShenderovskySr.Carmel Catholic2017
80Michael AnzelmoSchaumburg2016
78Dan O'MalleySr.Saint Viator2013
78Connor MerschJr.Waubonsie Valley2011
77AJ FishGrayslake North2011
77Zach WoodSo.Waubonsie Valley2010
76Jason KoziolSr.Grayslake Central2013
75James McFarlandSr.Glenbrook North2014
74AJ FishGrayslake North2012
74Tyler KlimaSchaumburg2016
73AJ FishGrayslake North2013
73Jack MeagherJr.Lyons2018185.78
73Ricky SmithSr.Lincoln-Way Central2018175.94
73Geoff HartySo.Glenbrook South2009
72Sean SullivanSr.Naperville North2018224.55
72Matt LowryJr.Chiefs Lacrosse2015
71Ryan MaksimovicSr.Glenbrook North2013

Player: Season Assists

70Tommy CoyneJr.Naperville Central2017
68Jack MoranSr.Benet Academy2014
67AJ FishGrayslake North2013
64AJ FishGrayslake North2011
61Scott AllgoodSr.Naperville North2018215.71
58Cade NewtonSo.South Elgin2017
57Matt SchlagetterJr.Grayslake North2011
55JC GrabarekJr.Bartlett2014
54Trevor DornSr.Cary-Grove2013
52Michael AnzelmoSchaumburg2016
52Austin HyattSr.Lincoln-Way2013
52Brian TaitSr.Lane Tech2017
51Rondel JamisonSr.Carmel Catholic2017
49AJ FishGrayslake North2012
49Collin FischerHuntley2016
48Zach WoodSr.Waubonsie Valley2012
48James McFarlandSr.Glenbrook North2014
47Ben HynekSr.Mount Carmel2017
46Vito DiperteJr.Bartlett2014
46Kyle FoleySr.Lane Tech2012
43Anthony DiperteJr.Bartlett2015
43Brian TaSr.Jacobs2015
42Eli DaugsJr.Mundelein2018224.86
42Matt CarrSr.Grayslake North2018
42Jack MoranJr.Benet Academy2013
42Chris WillsSouth Elgin2016
41Rowan HanoldDunlap2016
40Xander SealSr.Waubonsie Valley2017
40Joel MayoSr.Glenbard West2014
40James RaveretSr.Glenbard West2010
40Anthony HaalandSchaumburg2016

Player: Season Points

144Cade NewtonSo.South Elgin20178658#DIV/0!
141AJ FishGrayslake North20117764#DIV/0!
140AJ FishGrayslake North20137367#DIV/0!
140JC GrabarekBartlett2015#DIV/0!
132Michael AnzelmoSchaumburg20168052#DIV/0!
129Zach WoodSr.Waubonsie Valley20128148#DIV/0!
125Tommy CoyneJr.Naperville Central20175570#DIV/0!
123AJ FishGrayslake North20127449#DIV/0!
123James McFarlandSr.Glenbrook North20147548#DIV/0!
121Jack MoranSr.Benet Academy20145368#DIV/0!
120Scott AllgoodSr.Naperville North20185961215.71
115Connor MerschSr.Waubonsie Valley20128134#DIV/0!
115Zach WoodJr.Waubonsie Valley20118233#DIV/0!
113Jake ShenderovskySr.Carmel Catholic20178132#DIV/0!
113JC GrabarekJr.Bartlett20145855#DIV/0!
111Austin HyattSr.Lincoln-Way20135952#DIV/0!
107Eli DaugsJr.Mundelein20186542224.86
107Colin ChattenSr.Grayslake North20118918#DIV/0!
107Trevor DornSr.Cary-Grove20135354#DIV/0!
106Tyler KlimaSchaumburg20167432#DIV/0!
106Brian TaitSr.Lane Tech20175452#DIV/0!
106Zach WoodSo.Waubonsie Valley20107729#DIV/0!
104Jack MeagherJr.Lyons20187331185.78
104Dan O'MalleySr.Saint Viator20137826#DIV/0!
102David O'NeilMarist20166933#DIV/0!
102Rondel JamisonSr.Carmel Catholic20175151#DIV/0!
102Ryan MaksimovicSr.Glenbrook North20137131#DIV/0!
101Xander SealSr.Waubonsie Valley20176140#DIV/0!
101Ricky SmithSr.Lincoln-Way Central20187328175.94
101Benjamin StaubusJr.Mount Carmel20166833#DIV/0!
101Matt SchlagetterJr.Grayslake North20114457#DIV/0!
101Rob MaxfieldSr.Chiefs Lacrosse20156437#DIV/0!
101Vito DiperteJr.Bartlett20145546#DIV/0!
100Sean SullivanSr.Naperville North20187228224.55
100Joel MayoSr.Glenbard West20146040#DIV/0!
98Matt CarrSr.Grayslake North20185642#DIV/0!
96Seamus HughesSr.Lyons20185838204.80
95Will MannSr.Benet Academy20146629#DIV/0!
94Griffin PattonJr.Grayslake North20165737#DIV/0!
94Anthony DiperteJr.Bartlett20155143#DIV/0!
94Connor MerschJr.Waubonsie Valley20117816#DIV/0!
93Cade NewtonFr.South Elgin20165439#DIV/0!
93Ben HynekSr.Mount Carmel20174647#DIV/0!
93Andrew JordanSr.Brother Rice20156330#DIV/0!
92Collin FischerHuntley20164349#DIV/0!
92Alex ZemkeSr.Saint Rita20096230#DIV/0!
92Brian TaSr.Jacobs20154943#DIV/0!
92Jason KoziolSr.Grayslake Central20137616#DIV/0!
92Matt LowryJr.Chiefs Lacrosse20157220#DIV/0!
92Will MannJr.Benet Academy20135933#DIV/0!
91Nelson GaechterSr.New Trier20175833#DIV/0!
91Ryan HillSr.Mundelein20185833233.96
91John GrubbsSr.York20105338#DIV/0!
91Kyle FoleySr.Lane Tech20124546#DIV/0!
90Brian TaitLane Tech20165337#DIV/0!
90Geoff HartySo.Glenbrook South20097317#DIV/0!
90Jack MoranJr.Benet Academy20134842#DIV/0!
90James RaveretSr.Glenbard West20105040#DIV/0!
42Chris WillsSouth Elgin201642#DIV/0!
41Rowan HanoldDunlap201641#DIV/0!
40Anthony HaalandSchaumburg201640#DIV/0!

Player: Season Saves

Svs.AthleteHigh SchoolSt.Year

Player: Season Faceoff

72.36Trey KingSr.Fort Wayne Concordia201726710236920
68.87Byron WeberJr.Westfield201825011336318
68.41Trey KingJr.Fort Wayne Concordia201624911536419

Player: Game Goals

11Collin ChattenGrayslake North (Round Lake Beach)Highland Park (Highland Park)Apr-82011110
8Griffin PattonSr.Grayslake North (Grayslake)Glenbrook South (Glenview)Mar-23201782
7Paul GilvaSr.Brother Rice (Ill.)Kaneland (Ill.)May-12201874

Player: Game Assists


Player: Game Points

Pts.PlayerClassAthlete SchoolOpponentStateDateYearGA
11Collin ChattenGrayslake North (Round Lake Beach)Highland Park (Highland Park)ILApr-82011110
11Paul GilvaSr.Brother Rice (Ill.)Kaneland (Ill.)ILMay-12201874
10Griffin PattonSr.Grayslake North (Grayslake)Glenbrook South (Glenview)ILMar-23201782
10Paul GlivaSr.Brother Rice (Ill.)Nazareth Academy (Ill.)ILMay-15201864

Player: Game Saves


Player: Game Faceoff (By Percentage)

Coming 2018

Team Records: Consecutive Wins

No.School (City)Start DateEnd Date
40Culver Academy (Culver)March 282016May 182018
34Culver Academy (Culver)April 262013March 212015
18Carmel (Carmel)May 132011May 52012
18Cathedral (Indianapolis)April 22013May 252013
15Culver Academy (Culver)April 92015May 232015

Team Records: Champions

YearWinning TeamRunner-UpScoreWinning Coach
2018Hamilton Southeastern (17-6)Culver Academy (15-2)15-14Scott Beesley
2017Cathedral (21-4)Carmel (16-7)8-5Andy Gruber
2016Cathedral (20-3)Carmel (17-7)9-4Andy Gruber
2015Carmel (18-3)Cathedral (15-6)7-6Tom Coons
2014CarmelCathedral18-5Tom Coons
2013CathedralCarmel10-9 OTAndy Gruber
2012CarmelCathredal15-5Tom Coons
2011CarmelCathredal15-4Tom Coons
2010Culver AcademySt. Joseph South Bend15-6Jon Posner
2009Culver AcademyCathedral15-9Jon Posner
2008Culver AcademySt. Joseph South Bend18-8Jon Posner
2007Culver AcademyZionsville8-5Jon Posner
2006ZionsvilleCathedral11-6Adam Callahan
2005CathedralZionsville12-9Andy Gruber
2004Culver Military AcademyCarmel14-6John Yeager
2003ZionsvilleCarmel7-6 OTJoe Schoener
2002Culver Military AcademyCarmel8-5John Yeager
2001Park TudorCulver Military9-7Byron Stankus
2000Culver Military AcademyCarmel20-8

Team Records: Most Championships

Last update: Sept. 19, 2018

NRNo.High SchoolSt.
656Culver Academy (Culver)IN
1024Carmel (Carmel)IN
3101Hamilton SoutheasternIN
3111Park TudorIN

Coach Records: Wins

1252Jon Posner, Culver Academy (Ind.), 2005-Present
2238Andy Gruber, Cathedral (Ind.), 2001-Present
3116Tom Coons, Carmel (Ind.), 2011-2017

Coach Records: Championships

Last updated: Nov. 14, 2018
NR=National Ranking position

No.FirstLastHigh SchoolSt.
4JonPosnerCulver AcademyIN
2JohnYeagerCulver AcademyIN
1ScottBeesleyHamilton SoutheasternIN
1ByronStankusPark TudorIN

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