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2021 Maryland Lacrosse Players to Watch

by Mike Loveday
Maryland high school boys lacrosse players to watch.

The 2020 season is months away, but it’s not too early to list a few of the players expected to make an impact on the upcoming Maryland lacrosse season in the Class of 2021.

I have compiled a list of some of the players to watch for the upcoming season and breaking it down to the Classes of 2020, 2021 and 2022.

This list is not a ranking of the best players in the state. Instead, it is meant to shine a light on players who earned post-season accolades or anticipated to make an impact in future seasons as recommended by coaches.

The players on this list were selected based on the following criteria: US Lacrosse All-American, Under Armour All-American, All-State honors, All-League honors, Head Coach submission.

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ProfileFirstLastHigh SchoolClubPSTVideo
CNNCT a ProfileMatthewAkersDMD
CNNCT a ProfileDevinAltonCalvert HallKoopersFOMD
CNNCT a ProfileMatthewAndrychowskiJohn CarrollAMD
CNNCT a ProfileWillAngrickMMD
CNNCT a ProfileKieranAnzeloneBullisMMD
CNNCT a ProfileMatthewBargerCrabsMMD
CNNCT a ProfileJoshuaBarryGood CounselAMD
CNNCT a ProfileStephenBouMMD
CNNCT a ProfileBruceCenturyKoopersDMD
CNNCT a ProfileMaxBrunoCalvert HallKoopersMMD
CNNCT a ProfileColinBurlaceSt. Mary’sDMD
CNNCT a ProfileJackBurnsRiver HillAMD
CNNCT a ProfileJackCallahanAMD
CNNCT a ProfileAndrewCalvertArchbishop SpaldingDMD
CNNCT a ProfileAlexanderChairsMount St. JospehDMD
CNNCT a ProfileJamesCipollone IiiCalvert HallGMD
CNNCT a ProfileJimmyConnerSherwoodZingosD/LSMMD
CNNCT a ProfileSeveCorderoGeorgetown PrepAMD
CNNCT a ProfileLiamCrousePerry HallFO/MMD
CNNCT a ProfileMattDixonLoyola-BlakefieldMMD
CNNCT a ProfileSeanDoneganSevernRoughriders MarylandDMD
CNNCT a ProfileCameronDoolanWestminsterKoopersMMD
CNNCT a ProfileKevinDoughtyGlenelgAMD
CNNCT a ProfileAidanDoyleBroadneckAMD
CNNCT a ProfileJackDudasMMD
CNNCT a ProfileConnorDunayHerefordF/OMD
CNNCT a ProfileTreyFleeceGlenelgMMD
CNNCT a ProfileDominickFlora JrParksideMMD
CNNCT a ProfileNedForbushFriends SchoolKoopersMMD
CNNCT a ProfileJackFracyonBullisGMD
CNNCT a ProfileThomasGravanteGeorgetown PrepAMD
CNNCT a ProfileDakotaGunterArchbishop SpaldingDMD
CNNCT a ProfileKyleHenryRiver HillGMD
CNNCT a ProfileAJHernandezDMD
CNNCT a ProfileGrahamHertzbergAMD
CNNCT a ProfileLucasHilsenrathWalt WhitmanAMD
CNNCT a ProfileDylanHsuGeorgetown PrepMMD
CNNCT a ProfileSpencerHughesBullisMMD
CNNCT a ProfileAdenJohnsonHerefordKoopersLSMMD
CNNCT a ProfileNathanJonesCenturyKoopersGMD
CNNCT a ProfileJackJozwiakUrbanaAMD
CNNCT a ProfileJasonJozwiakUrbanaAMD
CNNCT a ProfileAidanKapralArchbishop SpaldingDMD
CNNCT a ProfileQuinnKelleyMarriotts RidgeLSMMD
CNNCT a ProfileMicKellyCalvert HallFCA 2021 TeamMMD
CNNCT a ProfileMicaiahKellyCalvert HallMMD
CNNCT a ProfileBrianKingCalvert HallLSMMD
CNNCT a ProfileKurtKlausSeverna ParkMMD
CNNCT a ProfileNathanKnodeSt. Mary’s RykenMMD
CNNCT a ProfileEricKolarUrbanaMMD
CNNCT a ProfileCharlieKorasLoyola-BlakefieldAMD
CNNCT a ProfileTylerKuehlBullisDMD
CNNCT a ProfileJakeLeveyMarriotts RidgeMMD
CNNCT a ProfileEthanLongCalvert HallCrabsAMD
CNNCT a ProfileMatthewManciniMiddletownMMD
CNNCT a ProfileBenjaminMckelvyDeMathaDMD
CNNCT a ProfileHaydenMillerLoyola-BlakefieldMMD
CNNCT a ProfileJohnMillerMarriotts RidgeAMD
CNNCT a ProfileJakeMooreDMD
CNNCT a ProfileMackenzieMorelandF/OMD
CNNCT a ProfileRyanMorrisonDeMathaDMD
CNNCT a ProfileHughMullaneGeorgetown PrepMMD
CNNCT a ProfileBryantO'DonnellDeMathaGMD
CNNCT a ProfileJakeOliverArchbishop SpaldingGMD
CNNCT a ProfileMaxOsbornDMD
CNNCT a ProfileThomasQuinn-McbrideGeorgetown PrepMMD
CNNCT a ProfileLukeRaymondGonzagaAMD
CNNCT a ProfileMichaelRidgwayGeorgetown PrepAMD
CNNCT a ProfileMacRietanoBullisMMD
CNNCT a ProfileJohnRinemanLoyola-BlakefieldDMD
CNNCT a ProfileJaredScheinbergRichard MDX RevolutionAttackMD
CNNCT a ProfileWesSchmidtSt. Mary'sLooneysGMD
CNNCT a ProfileMicahSeghettiLong ReachCrabs LacrosseGoalieMD
CNNCT a ProfileDimitriSfakiyanudisSevernMMD
CNNCT a ProfileColinShadowensSeverna ParkMMD
CNNCT a ProfileJackSlackMarriotts RidgeDMD
CNNCT a ProfileBenSmithBoys' LatinAMD
CNNCT a ProfileCameronSmithLoyola-BlakefieldDMD
CNNCT a ProfileRyanSpilmanBoys' LatinMMD
CNNCT a ProfileCameronStockenbergMount HebronMMD
CNNCT a ProfileRorySullivanSeverna ParkDMD
CNNCT a ProfileEthanTillBullisDMD
CNNCT a ProfileHenryTolkerAMD
CNNCT a ProfileKevinTuckerLoyola-BlakefieldMMD
CNNCT a ProfileJackWebbLoyola-BlakefieldGMD

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