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2020 New York High School Lacrosse Players to Watch

by Mike Loveday
New York boys lacrosse players to watch.

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The 2019 season is months away, but it’s not too early to list a few of the Class of 2020 players expected to make an impact on the upcoming New York high school lacrosse season.

I have compiled a list of some of the players to watch for the upcoming season and breaking it down to the Classes of 2019, 2020 and 2021. This list is not intended to be a ranking of the best players in the state. Instead, it is meant to shine a light on players who earned post-season accolades or anticipated to make an impact in future seasons as recommended by coaches.

The players on this list were selected based on the following criteria: US Lacrosse All-American, Under Armour All-American, All-State honors, All-League honors, Head Coach submission.

ProfileFirstLastHigh SchoolClubPSTVideo
CNNCT a ProfileWillardAndersonAlbany AcademyMNY
CNNCT a ProfileXavierArlineTeam 91 CrushANY
CNNCT a ProfileJamesBallLI ExpressM/FONY
CNNCT a ProfileSethBenedictMarcus WhitmanMNY
CNNCT a ProfileLucasBenniceBallston SpaANY
CNNCT a ProfileBrianBonnistSuffernExpress NorthANY
CNNCT a ProfileTylerBowerWestonExpress NorthDNY
CNNCT a ProfileQuinnBowlerCorning Painted Post3d UpstateANY
CNNCT a ProfileQuinnBowlerCorning3d UpstateANYLink
CNNCT a ProfileZacheryBoyatziesWayne CentralMNY
CNNCT a ProfileJustinBrownHalf Hollow Hills WestTeam 91MNY
CNNCT a ProfileRossBurgmasterAuburnSweetLaxDNY
CNNCT a ProfileNickCaccamoHarborfieldsTeam 91DNY
CNNCT a ProfileGavinCareyMcQuaid Jesuit3d UpstateLSMNYLink
CNNCT a ProfileAnthonyCarrollEast IslipLegacyLSM/DNY
CNNCT a ProfileEmmetCarrollRyePredators LacrosseGNY
CNNCT a ProfileNicholasCavellier CentralMNY
CNNCT a ProfileConnorCecalaBallston SpaLSMNY
CNNCT a ProfileJakeColemanExpress NorthANY
CNNCT a ProfileTylerCordesConnetquotTeam 91MNY
CNNCT a ProfileAndrewD'AllairdGNY
CNNCT a ProfileAidanDanenzaSt. Anthony'sMNY
CNNCT a ProfileZachDelaneyOnondaga CentralOrange CrushMNY
CNNCT a ProfileReganEndresVictorSweetLaxF/ONY
CNNCT a ProfileLiamFairbackMNY
CNNCT a ProfileHoganFoxGlens FallsANY
CNNCT a ProfileVincentGandolfoCold Spring HarborF/ONY
CamGermainVictor3d UpstateDNYLink
CNNCT a ProfileEddieGigliotti IICorning Painted PostANY
CNNCT a ProfileKobyGinderBrunswick SchoolTeam 91 CrushFO/LSMNY
CNNCT a ProfileLoganGlickBronxvilleExpress NorthDNY
CNNCT a ProfileQuinnGormleyCanisiusPerformaxDNY
CNNCT a ProfileGavinGregorekTeam 91MNY
CNNCT a ProfileSethGrottenthalerCorning Painted PostMNY
CNNCT a ProfileCamdenHayVictorSweetLaxANY
CNNCT a ProfileSethHogueCorningDNYLink
CNNCT a ProfileJosephJuengerkesIslipLegacyMNY
CNNCT a ProfileWilliamKephartDNY
CNNCT a ProfileTrevorKesselDNY
CNNCT a ProfileCollinKriegGNY
CNNCT a ProfileStephenKrugExpress NorthGNY
CNNCT a ProfileKevinKuttinANY
CNNCT a ProfileEthanLarsonLegacyDNY
CNNCT a ProfileBrendanLavelleRyePredatorsDNY
CNNCT a ProfileNickLiCalziSouth SideTeam 91 CrushLSM/DNY
CNNCT a ProfileDylanLomeloMNY
CNNCT a ProfileStevenLucasWest Seneca WestTeam buffaloANYLink
CNNCT a ProfileRyanMacKenzie AcademySalt KingsMNY
CNNCT a ProfileRussellMaherMt. SinaiLI ExpressA/MNY
CNNCT a ProfileTrevorMarsalaMt. SinaiTeam 91DNY
CNNCT a ProfileRobbieMartenSt. Joseph’s CollegiateBison LacrosseDNY
CNNCT a ProfileBrettMartinHalf Hollow Hills EastTeam 91 CrushMNY
CNNCT a ProfileChristopherMaskerGoshenLong Island ExpressLSMNY
CNNCT a ProfileBrendanMcCabeChaminadeDNY
CNNCT a ProfileLiamMcClaneRye Country DayPredatorsANY
CNNCT a ProfileCaseyMcDermottBrightonSweetLaxANY
CNNCT a ProfileRobertMcGeeSt. Anthony’sLegacyMNY
CNNCT a ProfileRyanMcGorrySt. Joseph’s CollegiateSweetLaxMNYLink
CNNCT a ProfileTyMcHerronBurnt Hills3d New EnglandANYLink
CNNCT a ProfileLiamMcLaneRye Country DayPredators LacrosseANY
CNNCT a ProfileBenMitranoHiltonMNY
CNNCT a ProfileStevieModineLI ExpressDNY
CNNCT a ProfileStephenMorleyOgdensburgDNY
CNNCT a ProfileAlexMoynihanCold Spring HarborLI ExpressA/MNY
CNNCT a ProfileJakeNasoShoreham-Wading RiverLegacyFO/MNY
CNNCT a ProfilePatrickNoonanChaminadeIglooLSMNY
CNNCT a ProfileMichaelO'ConnellChaminadeLI ExpressMNY
CNNCT a ProfileBrennanO'NeillSt. Anthony'sTeam 91ANY
CNNCT a ProfileMichaelO’ConnellChaminadeLI ExpressMNY
CNNCT a ProfileBrennanO’NeillSt. Anthony’sTeam 91 CrushANY
CNNCT a ProfileJamesOsorioSt. Anthony'sTenacious TurtlesANY
CNNCT a ProfileHunterParuckiSt. Joseph’s CollegiateSweetlaxMNY
CNNCT a ProfileAlexPazienzaSt. Anthony'sLong Island ExpressGNYLink
CNNCT a ProfileBuddyPelishPenfieldSweetLaxDNY
CNNCT a ProfileJoeyPezzimentiVictorSweetLaxANYLink
CNNCT a ProfileRobertPhillipsHotchkissExpress NorthMNY
CNNCT a ProfileMarcPsyllosMNY
CNNCT a ProfileDillonQuinn AcademyTri-StateLSMNY
CNNCT a ProfileColinReillyLegacyMNY
CNNCT a ProfileJackRiceOswegoMNY
CNNCT a ProfileEthanRobertsVictorDNY
CNNCT a ProfileColbyRogersEast IslipOutlawsFONY
CNNCT a ProfileChaseRorickHoneoye Falls-LimaDNY
CNNCT a ProfileCurtisRussoSayvilleANY
CNNCT a ProfileAJSantanaBishop TimonPerfomaxMNY
CNNCT a ProfileJackSchirtzerShoreham-Wading RiverTeam 91 CrushLSM/DNY
CNNCT a ProfileDarrinSchirtzerShoreham-Wading RiverDNY
CNNCT a ProfileMichaelShadySt. Joseph’s CollegiateBison LacrosseLSM/DNY
CNNCT a ProfileRyanSheehanSweetLaxMNY
CNNCT a ProfileQuentinSommerSt. Anthony'sLI ExpressMNY
CNNCT a ProfileZanderStapletonFLGMNY
CNNCT a ProfileOwenStefankoColumbiaAlbany PowerMNY
CNNCT a ProfileJaysonTingueBay ShoreTeam 91GNY
CNNCT a ProfileJackVanValkenburgh-Orange CrushGNYLink
CNNCT a ProfileTylerVassellCardinal SpellmanGNY
CNNCT a ProfileTravisWagnerPenfieldGNY
CNNCT a ProfileJackWalsheSt. Anthony'sMNY
CNNCT a ProfileNickWampMNY
CNNCT a ProfileCalebZuhoskiRiverheadTenacious TurtlesANY

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