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2019 North Carolina Boys Lacrosse Players to Watch

by Mike Loveday
North Carolina boys lacrosse players to watch.

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The 2019 season is months away, but it’s not too early to list a few of the players expected to make an impact on the upcoming North Carolina boys high school lacrosse season in the Class of 2019.

I have compiled a list of some of the players to watch for the upcoming season and breaking it down to the Classes of 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Once each of the states are released, LaxRecords will release its early choices for 2019 Player of the Year.

The players on this list were selected based on the following criteria: US Lacrosse All-American, Under Armour All-American, All-State honors, All-League honors, Head Coach submission.

ProfileFirstLastHigh SchoolClubPSTVideoStatus
CNNCT a ProfileBrianAbelyMedfieldMMA
CNNCT a ProfilePaulAhernNorthern GuilfordLSMNC
CNNCT a ProfileJacobAlexanderFranklinF/OMA
CNNCT a ProfileMikeyAlexanderTeam 91DNY
CNNCT a ProfileTylerAllcroftNorthampton3d NE SouthAMA
CNNCT a ProfileCollinAlmeidaFalmouthLaxachusettsMMA
CNNCT a ProfileNicholasAlvitiConnecticut ExpressLSM/DCT
CNNCT a ProfileJackAndrewsCumberlandMRI
CNNCT a ProfileDannyAngellLittletonAMA
CNNCT a ProfileFrankAnnunziataWilliamsville EastBuffalo StormDNY
CNNCT a ProfileEdwardArnoldManhassetLI ExpressDNY
CNNCT a ProfileDylanAtkinsEast Chapel HillGNC
CNNCT a ProfileRyanAugerNH TomahawksANH
CNNCT a ProfileBrandonAvilesLI EmpireF/ONY
CNNCT a ProfileDavidBairdMiddle Creek919 EliteMNC
CNNCT a ProfileAlexBamfordTaft SchoolExpress NorthACT
CNNCT a ProfileChristianBarnardBrunswickEclipseGCT
CNNCT a ProfileEthanBarnardSt. John’s PrepFighting ClamsM/FOMA
CNNCT a ProfileCJBaroniGovernor’s Academy3d New EnglandMMA
CNNCT a ProfilePeterBarretteMedfieldGMA
CNNCT a ProfileJackBarronLongmeadowMMA
CNNCT a ProfileBeckhamBayreutherHolderness3d New EnglandMNH
CNNCT a ProfileMichaelBazzano Old FarmsMCT
CNNCT a ProfileBlakeBehlenCommackTeam 91MNY
CNNCT a ProfileMatthewBergquistEast Catholic3d NE SouthDCT
CNNCT a ProfileDeuceBernsteinScarsdaleLI ExpressANY
CNNCT a ProfileTreyBerryMNY
CNNCT a ProfileWillBeyerNorthern GuilfordANC
CNNCT a ProfileColeBigginsDuxburyLaxachusettsDMA
CNNCT a ProfileTrentBirchBathDNY
CNNCT a ProfileBobbyBivona Old FarmsExpress NorthDCT
CNNCT a ProfilePeterBlakeSt. Sebastian’sLaxachusettsDMA
CNNCT a ProfileRyanBlasberg Old FarmsLB3ACT
CNNCT a ProfileDannyBoccafolaGarden CityMNY
CNNCT a ProfileMatthewBohmerCharlotte CatholicTeam CarolinaANC
CNNCT a ProfileSuttonBolandVictorSweetLaxDNY
CNNCT a ProfileTrevorBollingerIthacaDNY
CNNCT a ProfileJakeBonomiSt. Anthony’sLI ExpressA/MNY
CNNCT a ProfileLoganBosworthDarthmouthDMA
CNNCT a ProfileConnorBoyleFairfield PrepMCT
CNNCT a ProfileJackBrennanSweetLaxANY
CNNCT a ProfileRyleyBrohelDaniel HandD/LSMCT
CNNCT a ProfileKennyBrowerMassapequaTeam 91DNY
CNNCT a ProfileDanBrownellMNY
CNNCT a ProfileTJBryanLakeland-PanasFONY
CNNCT a ProfileZachBuffingtonMCT
CNNCT a ProfileLukeBurnam-ManliusOrange CrushANY
CNNCT a ProfileWillButtonBay ShoreANY
CNNCT a ProfileAndrewCalabresePrime TimeGCT
CNNCT a ProfileConorCalderoneSmithtown WestLaxachusettsF/ONY
CNNCT a ProfileHughCallahanWellesleyAMA
CNNCT a ProfileJoeCampWayneMNY
CNNCT a ProfileColeCampbellSt. Joseph’sSweetLaxANY
CNNCT a ProfileGregCampisiSt. Anthony’sTeam 91LSMNY
CNNCT a ProfileMatthewCannonSt. Anthony’sLI ExpressFO/MNY
CNNCT a ProfileJakeCaputoMiddle CreekTeam 91MNC
CNNCT a ProfileMichaelCarereConnetquotTeam 91M/FONY
CNNCT a ProfileJustinCarteSchuylervilleMNY
CNNCT a ProfileDominicCarterMarlboroRising StarsAMA
CNNCT a ProfileJaredCasselGoshenHudson Valley ExpressANY
CNNCT a ProfileChristianCechiniApexLeading EdgeANC
CNNCT a ProfileAnthonyCelauroSyossetLI OutlawsGNY
CNNCT a ProfileJasonChildLaxachusettsAMA
CNNCT a ProfileAlexChirgwinQueensburyMNY
CNNCT a ProfileFrankieCiniglioTeam 91DNY
CNNCT a ProfileEricCivettiFranklin3d New EnglandAMA
CNNCT a ProfileLandonClaryTriad EliteLSMNC
CNNCT a ProfileTomConleyMamaroneckANY
CNNCT a ProfileEliCopelandTopsailANC
CNNCT a ProfileJustinCoppolaGarden CityMNY
CNNCT a ProfileAidanCosgroveNorthern GuilfordMNC
CNNCT a ProfileMarcCottageSmithtown WestANY
CNNCT a ProfileAaronDagostinoANY
CNNCT a ProfileJohnDanforthSkaneatelesOrange CrushMNY
CNNCT a ProfileTeddyDarceyWellesleyLaxachusettsGMA
CNNCT a ProfilePeterDaviesTaft SchoolLaxachusettsACT
CNNCT a ProfileIsaiasDelgadoGreen HopeMNC
CNNCT a ProfileJohnDeluciaGuilfordACT
CNNCT a ProfileNicholasDemaioAvon Old FarmsACT
CNNCT a ProfileSeanDerbySt. Anthony’sLI ExpressLSM/DNY
CNNCT a ProfileJackDibenedettoNicholsDNY
CNNCT a ProfileCaisonDillonGreensboro DayTriad EliteANC
CNNCT a ProfileJackDillonDover-SherbornFighting ClamsMMA
CNNCT a ProfileRyanDobrzynskiLaSalle AcademyMRI
CNNCT a ProfileShaunDolacWest Seneca EastMNY
CNNCT a ProfileKeeganDollerExpress NorthMNY
CNNCT a ProfileShawnDoranHilton CentralF/ONY
CNNCT a ProfileConnorDrakeTeam 91A/MCT
CNNCT a ProfileJoshDziamaWilliamsville NorthLSMNY
CNNCT a ProfileJakeEdingerTully CentralMNY
CNNCT a ProfileCadeEdwardsHoggardLSMNC
CNNCT a ProfileNoahEhingerLaneyFONC
CNNCT a ProfileRobertEigenrauchJordanGNC
CNNCT a ProfileLiamEntenmannChaminadeLI ExpressGNY
CNNCT a ProfileTroyExumSt. David'sTeam 91GNC
CNNCT a ProfileSeanFaganNorth ReadingAMA
CNNCT a ProfileJackFedaGreenwichACT
CNNCT a ProfileTysonFennHoggardDNC
CNNCT a ProfileDeclanFerrisBethlehemAlbany PowerDNY
CNNCT a ProfileGeraldFilardiHalf Hollow Hills WestTeam 91LSMNY
CNNCT a ProfileConnerFingarPenn YanSweetLaxA/MNY
CNNCT a ProfileNolanFirthCicero North SyracuseDNY
CNNCT a ProfileMasonFitzgeraldCohassetLaxachusettsGMA
CNNCT a ProfileMacklinFitzpatrickAvon Old FarmsMMA
CNNCT a ProfileRyanFitzpatrickWakefieldNE TwistersLSM/DMA
CNNCT a ProfileBrendanFlynnArdrey KellTeam CarolinaDNC
CNNCT a ProfilePadraigFlynnBellinghamPrimetime PenguinsMMALink
CNNCT a ProfileRyanFlynnDaniel Hand3d NE SouthDCT
CNNCT a ProfileMartinFolanBoston College HSFighting ClamsLSMMA
CNNCT a ProfileBryceFordJohn Jay-Cross RiverANY
CNNCT a ProfileDeanFordJohn Jay-Cross RiverMNY
CNNCT a ProfileJoeyFordWilliston Northampton3d New EnglandA/MMA
CNNCT a ProfileJonathanFordDeerfield AcademyLSMMA
CNNCT a ProfileLiamFordNew FairfieldMCT
CNNCT a ProfileAnthonyForziatiWakefieldAMA
CNNCT a ProfileMacFotiadesSt. Sebastian’sLaxachusettsGMA
CNNCT a ProfileHaydenFoxWestminster SchoolOttawa CapitalsDCT
CNNCT a ProfileWillFrisoliSt. Sebastian’sLaxachusettsLSM/DMA
CNNCT a ProfileConnorFunckJack BrittMNC
CNNCT a ProfileKyleGaffeyGovernor's AcademyGMA
CNNCT a ProfileAidanGallagherThayer AcademyGMA
CNNCT a ProfileJakeGallinaPalmyra-MacedonMNY
CNNCT a ProfileBartonGardellaAvon Old FarmsTop Gun Fighting ClamsDCT
CNNCT a ProfileDylanGardnerXaverian BrothersLaxachusettsLSMMA
CNNCT a ProfileBradleyGelsingerAthens DriveCarolina HilltoppersLSMNC
CNNCT a ProfileHankGerberEast Chapel HillCarolina HilltoppersDNC
CNNCT a ProfileLouieGermainVictor3D UpstateDNY
CNNCT a ProfileGarrettGibbonsMassapequaLI OutlawsMNY
CNNCT a ProfileNickGibsonYorktownD/LSMNY
CNNCT a ProfileTimmyGillMedfieldMMA
CNNCT a ProfileNolanGingrichNew BernANC
CNNCT a ProfileAidenGloverBrunswickAME
CNNCT a ProfileChrisGlynnManhassetLI ExpressMNY
CNNCT a ProfileBrandonGomezCuthbertsonMNC
CNNCT a ProfileJoeGooleyBrooks SchoolLaxachusettsMMA
CNNCT a ProfileMichaelGottliebBrunswick SchoolPrime TimeMCT
CNNCT a ProfileJohnnyGoudreaultDover-SherbornFighting ClamsLSM/DMA
CNNCT a ProfileClintGourdeauHamilton-WenhamLSMMA
CNNCT a ProfileEthanGrandolfoFairfield PrepExpress NorthA/MCT
CNNCT a ProfileReillyGrayChaminadeLI ExpressMNY
CNNCT a ProfileThomasGreenblattMassapequaRevolutionANY
CNNCT a ProfileMichaelGuertlerYarmouthMME
CNNCT a ProfileGordonGuestBroughtonMNC
CNNCT a ProfilePatHacklerSkaneatelesOrange CrushMNY
CNNCT a ProfilePatrickHacklerSkaneatelesMNY
CNNCT a ProfileJackHaimsTrinity-PawlingMNY
CNNCT a ProfileConnorHarmonButlerCarolina MinersANC
CNNCT a ProfileColinHartGarden CityDNY
CNNCT a ProfileRileyHaufVictor SeniorD/LSMNY
CNNCT a ProfileMichaelHauptmanMedfieldAMA
CNNCT a ProfileJustinHayNiskayunaDNY
CNNCT a ProfileJaredHellerBrimmer and MayLaxachusettsMMA
CNNCT a ProfileTommyHellerComsewogueGNY
CNNCT a ProfileEthanHennesseySalisbury SchoolSweetLaxMCT
CNNCT a ProfileGriffinHessEast Chapel HillMNC
CNNCT a ProfileLukeHickamOceansideLI BluefishANY
CNNCT a ProfileRichieHickisFarmingdaleMNY
CNNCT a ProfileCollinHobenCharlotte LatinTeam 247F/ONC
CNNCT a ProfileLarsHoegNorthwoodMNC
CNNCT a ProfileJohnHoffmanSmithtown WestLI OutlawsANY
CNNCT a ProfileBrendynHogueCorningANY
CNNCT a ProfileElliottHoldenPageANC
CNNCT a ProfileMaxHortonDerryfieldNH TomahawksLSM/DNH
CNNCT a ProfileJackHowePleasantvilleExpress NorthMNY
CNNCT a ProfileJohnHufnagelIona PrepPrime TimeDNY
CNNCT a ProfileMichaelHughesBrooks SchoolNew England TwistersDMA
CNNCT a ProfileCalebIkkelaBishop StangAMA
CNNCT a ProfileSamJeanXaverian BrothersLaxachusettsAMA
CNNCT a ProfileAndrewJenetChaminadeLI ExpressGNY
CNNCT a ProfileAndrewJohnsonNobles & GreenoughDMA
CNNCT a ProfileBryceJohnsonGeneral BrownANY
CNNCT a ProfileColeJohnsonConard3d NE SouthDCT
CNNCT a ProfileLajhonJonesLa Salle AcademyRI BulldogsLSM/DRI
CNNCT a ProfileConnorKalmusRiverhead365LaxMNY
CNNCT a ProfileMarkKeelingKellenberg MemorialLSMNY
CNNCT a ProfileBrendanKelleherBishop HendrickenA/MRI
CNNCT a ProfileCaseyKellySt. Joseph’s CollegiateBison LacrosseMNY
CNNCT a ProfileCamdenKennedyGovernor’s AcademyLSMMA
CNNCT a ProfileMaxKesickiTrinity-PawlingExpress NorthMNY
CNNCT a ProfileWillKezerianKimball Union AcademyMNH
CNNCT a ProfileLukeKilnerJames I. O’NeillMNY
CNNCT a ProfileGriffinKingNiskayunaSweetLaxMNY
CNNCT a ProfileNateKingOld RochesterGMA
CNNCT a ProfileKonradKnausChoate Rosemary HallLaxachusettsACT
CNNCT a ProfileMatthewKnoteEastport South ManorGNY
CNNCT a ProfileMasonKohnShrewsburyAMA
CNNCT a ProfileDerekKohutOswegoDNY
CNNCT a ProfileJackKoonceEast Chapel HillANC
CNNCT a ProfileReidKoonceAthens DriveCarolina HilltoppersANCLink
CNNCT a ProfileLukeKoprivaSeneca ValleyApex Lacrosse LLCGNCLink
CNNCT a ProfileAndyKotzHoggardMNC
CNNCT a ProfileCameronKremerWest IrondequoitMNY
CNNCT a ProfileCraigLabreckThornton AcademyMME
CNNCT a ProfileReeceLagerquistScarborough3d New EnglandLSM/DME
CNNCT a ProfilePrestonLalickerApexMNC
CNNCT a ProfilePrestonLallickerApexMNC
CNNCT a ProfileJayceLambertThayer AcademyLaxachusettsAMA
CNNCT a ProfileMichaelLampertWaylandAMA
CNNCT a ProfileDarienLapietroBurnt Hills Ballston LakeAlbany PowerMNY
CNNCT a ProfileSamLatorreSt. Joseph’s CollegiateBison LacrosseLSMNY
CNNCT a ProfileSamuelLatorreSt. Joseph CollegiateLSMNY
CNNCT a ProfileJamesLearyNew FairfieldLSMCT
CNNCT a ProfileJJLevandowskiIMG AcademyFighting ClamsMMA
CNNCT a ProfileAlexLewisWallkillMNY
CNNCT a ProfileRobbieLionettiBranfordMCT
CNNCT a ProfileMilesLiptonWaynfleteMME
CNNCT a ProfileTimmyLischerSalisbury SchoolSweetLaxMCT
CNNCT a ProfileTimothyLischerSalisburyMNY
CNNCT a ProfileNickLiscinskySouth BurlingtonMVT
CNNCT a ProfileBearLockshinWestminster School3d New EnglandMCT
CNNCT a ProfileSamLutfiMassapequaTeam 91ANY
CNNCT a ProfileNedLynchDeerfield AcademyFighting ClamsLSM/DMA
CNNCT a ProfileDonnyMacalusoStaplesEclipseDCT
CNNCT a ProfileJonnyMacleanDerryfield SchoolMNH
CNNCT a ProfileMichaelManaroHeritageTeam 91 CarolinaLSMNC
CNNCT a ProfileTimManleyBishop StangF/OMA
CNNCT a ProfileAndrewMapstoneHoneoye Falls-LimaANY
CNNCT a ProfileWillMarkSalisbury School3d NorCalGCT
CNNCT a ProfileBraedenMccarthySouthlake ChristianTeam 24/8MNCLink
CNNCT a ProfileAnthonyMcgeeWarwickDNY
CNNCT a ProfileThomasMcintireTabor AcademyLaxachusettsAMA
CNNCT a ProfileLoganMcnaneySalisbury SchoolSweetLaxGCT
CNNCT a ProfileCooperMelhornSouth PortlandAME
CNNCT a ProfileSamMeltzerWilliamsville EastFellowship Christian AthletesA/MNY
CNNCT a ProfileJackMeyerRivers SchoolFighting ClamsMMA
CNNCT a ProfileRoyMeyerChaminadeLong Island ExpressLSMNY
CNNCT a ProfileChristianMichaelsKings ParkGNY
CNNCT a ProfileSamMillerGenevaSweetLaxMNY
CNNCT a ProfileQuintMiniterCollegiateLI ExpressANY
CNNCT a ProfileJackMonfortSyossetLI ExpressMNY
CNNCT a ProfileCalebMonzonSt. Anthony’sLI ExpressMNY
CNNCT a ProfileSawyerMoodyPhillips Andover3d New EnglandAMA
CNNCT a ProfileAaronMorganAthens DriveCarolina HilltoppersMNCLink
CNNCT a ProfileJohnMorganNew FairfieldACT
CNNCT a ProfileLukeMoriartyGovernor’s Academy3d New EnglandLSMMA
CNNCT a ProfilePatrickMorrisonFranklin3d New EnglandLSM/DMA
CNNCT a ProfileChristianMuleHalf Hollow Hills WestTeam 91ANY
CNNCT a ProfileJackMurdockWestminster SchoolACT
CNNCT a ProfileEamonMurphyWeddingtonTeam CarolinaMNC
CNNCT a ProfileOwenMurphyAvon Old FarmsSweetLaxACT
CNNCT a ProfileIanMurrayBrunswick School3d Tri-StateLSM/DCT
CNNCT a ProfileHenryMurtaughCape Fear AcademyA/MNC
CNNCT a ProfileRileyMyerCardinal GibbonsGNC
CNNCT a ProfileCollinNeallyCorning Painted PostMNY
CNNCT a ProfileZachNestorFayetteville-ManliusCNY RoadhawksMNY
CNNCT a ProfileZachNeufangLiverpoolOrange CrushDNY
CNNCT a ProfileTimothyNortonNew CanaanEclipseM/FOCT
CNNCT a ProfileCharlieNowellPingree3d New EnglandGMA
CNNCT a ProfileQuintinO'connellNew CanaanMCT
CNNCT a ProfileConnorO'reillySt. Anthony'sDNY
CNNCT a ProfileSeanO’connellCroatanLSM/FONC
CNNCT a ProfileQuinnO’haraWhitmanLI OutlawsANY
CNNCT a ProfilePatrickO’neillWard MelvilleTeam 91DNY
CNNCT a ProfileConnorO’reillySt. Anthony’sLI ExpressDNY
CNNCT a ProfileVincentOrlandoBayport-Blue PointTeam 91 WhiteDNY
CNNCT a ProfileClaytonOsborneWilliamsville EastBLA/Buffalo StormMNY
CNNCT a ProfileCharlesPackardBrunswick SchoolDCT
CNNCT a ProfileDylanPallonettiWard MelvilleLI ExpressANY
CNNCT a ProfileJaredPapkeWeddingtonDNC
CNNCT a ProfileJaredPaquetteWest IslipTeam 91 WhiteGNY
CNNCT a ProfileDanielParkerSt. Anthony'sMNY
CNNCT a ProfileDannyParkerSt. Anthony’sLong Island ExpressMNY
CNNCT a ProfileVanParkerBroughtonANC
CNNCT a ProfilePhilipPasmegSt. JosephD/LSMCT
CNNCT a ProfileT.Patrick RyanGroton SchoolGMA
CNNCT a ProfileJackPeatrossR.J. ReynoldsTriad EliteDNC
CNNCT a ProfileCharliePeckRivers SchoolFighting ClamsDMA
CNNCT a ProfileLouisPerfettoManhassetANY
CNNCT a ProfileChrisPerrinoYorktownExpress NorthDNY
CNNCT a ProfileJackPetersonPenn YanFellowship Christian Athletes NortheastDNY
CNNCT a ProfileMacGregorPetersonTaft School3d New EnglandACT
CNNCT a ProfileAngeloPetrakisMassapequaTeam 91 OrangeFO/MNY
CNNCT a ProfileScoutPhilippHoggardANC
CNNCT a ProfileConnorPirrungWakefieldBuck townMNC
CNNCT a ProfileJacobPisenoLiverpoolUpstate LCDNY
CNNCT a ProfileMichaelPorcelliEastport South ManorFONY
CNNCT a ProfileSeanPottbergPearl RiverNJ RiotANY
CNNCT a ProfileTylerPreviteWiltonExpress NorthDCT
CNNCT a ProfileWillPuccioGarden CityA/MNY
CNNCT a ProfileKellenPuleraSt. Joseph’s CollegiateBison LacrosseANY
CNNCT a ProfileJackRapiniSt. Joseph’s CollegiateBison LacrosseGNY
CNNCT a ProfileGeorgeRaymondSuffield AcademyExpress NorthACTLink
CNNCT a ProfileMasonRealeFairfield PrepEclipseACT
CNNCT a ProfileRileyReedFalmouthLSMME
CNNCT a ProfileChristopherReidyDoherty MemorialMMA
CNNCT a ProfileBenReillyBethlehemANY
CNNCT a ProfileJamesRingerBayport-Blue PointTeam 91MNY
CNNCT a ProfileKevinRitterWakefieldCarolina CannonsANC
CNNCT a ProfileTimRobertsGovernor's AcademyDMA
CNNCT a ProfileWellsRobinsonPomfret SchoolA/MCT
CNNCT a ProfilePeterRoccoChaminadeANY
CNNCT a ProfileMatthewRochaMelroseGMA
CNNCT a ProfileMichaelRocheNorth AndoverLaxachusettsMMA
CNNCT a ProfileOwenRonchettiBrightonMNY
CNNCT a ProfileChristianRondaBrunswick SchoolPrime TimeACT
CNNCT a ProfileJackRooneySt. DominicTeam 91A/MNY
CNNCT a ProfileMaxRosaWest GeneseeOrange CrushMNY
CNNCT a ProfileDannyRuskHighlandANY
CNNCT a ProfileMatthewRussoSmithtown EastPerformaxMNY
CNNCT a ProfileTylerSandovalChaminadeLI ExpressF/ONY
CNNCT a ProfileShaneSantoraBayport-Blue PointFO/MNY
CNNCT a ProfileRyanSantosWakefieldT91DNC
CNNCT a ProfileHenrySchibliHamilton-WenhamDMA
CNNCT a ProfileJohnSchreiberIona PrepExpress NorthMNY
CNNCT a ProfileRyanSchriberWiltonExpress NorthDCT
CNNCT a ProfileTreySchugCazenoviaOrange CrushDNY
CNNCT a ProfileGrahamSchwartzMiddle Creek919 EliteFOGONC
CNNCT a ProfileJakeSellersEast CatholicACT
CNNCT a ProfileKeelanSenecaHeritageCarolina CannonsANC
CNNCT a ProfileAdamSheaPageTriad EliteFONC
CNNCT a ProfileJamesShipleyWeddingtonTeam CarolinaMNC
CNNCT a ProfileJohnSidorskiEast IslipTeam 91 OrangeMNY
CNNCT a ProfileMartinSilvermanProvidence Country DayGRI
CNNCT a ProfileClaySlaughterJ.F. WebbLSMNC
CNNCT a ProfilematthewSlukaKellenbergMNY
CNNCT a ProfileJakeSmelstorNorwoodMMA
CNNCT a ProfileJacobSmithWooster School3d Tri-StateMCT
CNNCT a ProfileJustinSpencerLaSalle AcademyARI
CNNCT a ProfileTylerStarrettJoel BarlowACT
CNNCT a ProfileScottStensrudTrinity-PawlingPrime TimeLSMNY
CNNCT a ProfileJTStirpeVestalOrange CrushA/MNY
CNNCT a ProfileSamStrattonFayetteville-ManliusOrange CrushDNY
CNNCT a ProfileJTStripeVestalA/MNY
CNNCT a ProfileYasirStroudJordanANC
CNNCT a ProfileChaseStruppNew CanaanEclipseDCT
CNNCT a ProfileBjörnSuppliesBishop GuertinD/LSMNH
CNNCT a ProfileLarsSwensenNew Hampton3d New EnglandANH
CNNCT a ProfileMichaelSwirbalusSt. Sebastian’sLaxachusettsMMA
CNNCT a ProfileMichaelTangrediBaldwinsvilleCNY RoadhawksMNY
CNNCT a ProfileMaxTavitianForanDCT
CNNCT a ProfileColtonTeitelbaumLocust ValleyLI ExpressGNY
CNNCT a ProfileJakeTellersEast CatholicFighting ClamsA/MCT
CNNCT a ProfileBrettTenagliaNew FairfieldACT
CNNCT a ProfileMaxTetreaultLaSalle AcademyFORI
CNNCT a ProfileEthanThomasBallston SpaAlbany PowerMNY
CNNCT a ProfileJustinTiernanJohn GlennTeam 91A/MNY
CNNCT a ProfileMichaelTobinReading MemorialEC RocketsA/MMA
CNNCT a ProfileSamTomsonLoomis Chaffee SchoolA/MCT
CNNCT a ProfileRyanToscanoBedfordMNH
CNNCT a ProfileCooperTrepetaLocust ValleyRevolutionMNY
CNNCT a ProfileBrendanTullyFoxboroughWarrior EliteMMA
CNNCT a ProfileNickTurriniCalhounTeam 91MNY
CNNCT a ProfileBlakeUlmerWilbraham and Monson AcademyGMA
CNNCT a ProfileDevenVarneyRoxbury LatinLaxachusettsGMA
CNNCT a ProfileJakeVolpeTopsailMNC
CNNCT a ProfileMattWardLincoln-SudburyAMA
CNNCT a ProfileChristianWarrenGranbyACT
CNNCT a ProfileBenWeinbergJerichoLI ExpressMNY
CNNCT a ProfileGregWellsChristian Brothers-SyracuseDNY
CNNCT a ProfileZadocWhiteGovernor's AcademyMNH
CNNCT a ProfileBrianWilesTabor AcademyAMA
CNNCT a ProfileBrendanWilliamsYorktownFO/MNY
CNNCT a ProfileHunterWilliamsHoggardCape Fear ShamrocksANC
CNNCT a ProfileLacyWilliamsJacksonvilleANC
CNNCT a ProfileDanielWilsonKellenbergLI ExpressMNY
CNNCT a ProfileGriffinWilsonSalisbury SchoolACT
CNNCT a ProfileSkylerWilsonSalisbury SchoolACT
CNNCT a ProfileJackWoodGovernor’s Academy3d New EnglandAMA
CNNCT a ProfileShafferWoodyDurham AcademyCarolina CannonsMNC
CNNCT a ProfileTyWoolstonWindhamAME
CNNCT a ProfileJohnWrightWilbraham & Monson3d New EnglandGMA
CNNCT a ProfileDawsonWynneSalisbury SchoolSweetLaxMCT
CNNCT a ProfileEugeneYoonPhillips AndoverLaxachusettsGMA
CNNCT a ProfileGarrettYoungMasconometTwisterAMA
CNNCT a ProfileJackYoungHighlandMNY
CNNCT a ProfileTateYoungTaft SchoolMCT
CNNCT a ProfileConorZacharPhillips AndoverLaxachusettsMMA
CNNCT a ProfileWillZinkNobles & GreenoughAMA
CNNCT a ProfileMatthewZitoChaminadeLI ExpressDNY
CNNCT a ProfileStephenZupicichFordham PrepExpress NorthLSM/DNY

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