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2020 Maryland High School Lacrosse Players to Watch

by Mike Loveday
Maryland high school boys lacrosse players to watch.

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The 2019 season is months away, but it’s not too early to list a few of the players expected to make an impact on the upcoming Maryland high school lacrosse season in the Class of 2020.

I have compiled a list of some of the players to watch for the upcoming season and breaking it down to the Classes of 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Once each of the states is released, LaxRecords will release its early choices for 2019 Player of the Year.

The players on this list were selected based on the following criteria: US Lacrosse All-American, Under Armour All-American, All-State honors, All-League honors, Head Coach submission.

ProfileFirstLastHigh SchoolClubPSTVideoStatus
CNNCT a ProfileQuinnArmstrongWestminster SchoolJuiced CherriesAMD
CNNCT a ProfileIsaacAronsonBullisNext LevelAMD
CNNCT a ProfileSeanBarwickCalvert HallFellowship Christian Athletes MarylandDMD
CNNCT a ProfileTrentBellotteSeverna ParkDMD
CNNCT a ProfileJacksonBonitzCrabsDMD
CNNCT a ProfileGableBraunLooney’sF/OMD
CNNCT a ProfileJeffBrunerHowardMMD
CNNCT a ProfileBrettCallahanMount St. JospehMMD
CNNCT a ProfileMaxwellCarnealGilmanMMD
CNNCT a ProfileJadynCastilloTRUE MarylandMMD
CNNCT a ProfileGunnarCheuvrontCatonsvilleLooney'sLSMMD
CNNCT a ProfileKevinChristmasNext LevelAMD
CNNCT a ProfileScottColeAMD
CNNCT a ProfileWillColettiLinganoreFOMD
CNNCT a ProfileWilliamColettiLinganoreFO/MMD
CNNCT a ProfileTrentConnollyHuntingtownMMD
CNNCT a ProfileMaxCooneyBaltimore CrabsDMD
CNNCT a ProfileConnerCoveyWestminsterMMD
CNNCT a ProfileLoganCoveyWestminsterGMD
CNNCT a ProfileZachCrainTeam 91AMD
CNNCT a ProfileJonathanCrockerGood CounselMMD
CNNCT a ProfileCaseyDomanskiBroadneckMMD
CNNCT a ProfileTylerDooleySt. Marys RykenCannons SelectAMDLink
CNNCT a ProfilePatrickDunleavySt. Mary’sAnnapolis HawksMMD
CNNCT a ProfileTylerDunneCalvert HallFOMD
CNNCT a ProfileKevinEllingtonLoyolaGMD
CNNCT a ProfileRyanEvansBoys’ LatinFellowship Christian Athletes MarylandMMD
CNNCT a ProfileGarrettFosterSouthernDMD
CNNCT a ProfileJacobFurmanHerefordLaxWorldAMD
CNNCT a ProfileBlakeGabelDMD
CNNCT a ProfileBlakeGableBoys’ LatinLooney’sDMD
CNNCT a ProfileColeGibbonsHerefordTeam 91MMD
CNNCT a ProfilePaytonGibersonBoys’ Latin91 MarylandF/OMD
CNNCT a ProfileRyanGilesLSMMD
CNNCT a ProfileBennettGioiosoLoyola-BlakefieldTeam 91AMD
CNNCT a ProfileBlakeGonzalezLooney'sLSMMD
CNNCT a ProfileJoeyGrahamNext LevelAMD
CNNCT a ProfileDylanGrantSherwoodMMD
CNNCT a ProfileJamieGrantLooney’sGMD
CNNCT a ProfileJamieGrantSt. Paul'sGMD
CNNCT a ProfilePatrickGreeneMarriotts RidgeDMD
CNNCT a ProfileBrendanGrimesBoys’ LatinLooney’sAMD
CNNCT a ProfileJPGrossNorthernMMD
CNNCT a ProfileFrankHapneyFellowship Christian Athletes MarylandLSM/DMD
CNNCT a ProfileMichaelHarmeyerSeverna ParkAMD
CNNCT a ProfileMikieHarmeyerSeverna ParkAMD
CNNCT a ProfileEvanHayekOakdaleTeam MarylandDMD
CNNCT a ProfileJustinHeadleyPerry HallD/LSMMD
CNNCT a ProfileColinHemingwayPoolesvilleLSMMD
CNNCT a ProfileColinHemingwayPoolesvilleLSMMD
CNNCT a ProfileColeHerbertCalvert HallFellowship Christian Athletes MarylandMMD
CNNCT a ProfileColeHerbertCalvert HallMMD
CNNCT a ProfileSethHigginsSt. Paul'sLooney'sMMD
CNNCT a ProfileMattHollandNorthernAMD
CNNCT a ProfileBryceHowardNorthernDMD
CNNCT a ProfileDamonHsuMMD
CNNCT a ProfileDanielKellyCalvert HallFellowship Christian Athletes MarylandAMD
CNNCT a ProfileDannyKellyCalvert HallAMD
CNNCT a ProfileSamKingGilmanAMD
CNNCT a ProfileJackKorasLoyola-BlakefieldFellowship Christian Athletes MarylandMMD
CNNCT a ProfileJackKorasLoyolaAMD
CNNCT a ProfileNolanKrasnickAtholtonMMD
CNNCT a ProfileAlexKristianCenturyD/LSMMD
CNNCT a ProfileColinKurcobaPerry HallGMDLink
CNNCT a ProfileDavidLamarcaLoyola-BlakefieldDMD
CNNCT a ProfileRyanLoyola-BlakefieldMMD
CNNCT a ProfileRomanLaroccoLinganoreAMD
CNNCT a ProfileKyleLemingAnnapolisMMD
CNNCT a ProfileChaseLlewellynLoyola-BlakefieldMMD
CNNCT a ProfileChaseMaccarteeGeorgetown PrepNext LevelMMD
CNNCT a ProfileJacksonMarshallCalvert HallFellowship Christian Athletes MarylandGMD
CNNCT a ProfileSamMatusekGood CounselGMD
CNNCT a ProfileSammyMatusekGood CounselGMD
CNNCT a ProfileColtenMccrackenMiddletownMMD
CNNCT a ProfileAustinMcmahonUrbanaTeam 91MMD
CNNCT a ProfileBrentMcvickerIMG AcademyMMD
CNNCT a ProfileThomas WMeehanHavre de GraceMMD
CNNCT a ProfileRussellMelendezArchbishop SpaldingAMDLink
CNNCT a ProfileJustinMintzerCalvert HallLooney'sA/MMD
CNNCT a ProfileDominicMirackSouth RiverDMD
CNNCT a ProfileBlakeMisnerSevernAMD
CNNCT a ProfileJeredMonarParksideAMD
CNNCT a ProfileBenMorganSeverna ParkBaltimore CrabsDMD
CNNCT a ProfileHarrisonOehlerRichard DMD
CNNCT a ProfileSaamOlexoArchbishop SpaldingAnnapolis HawksDMD
CNNCT a ProfileConnorPanebiancoSeverna ParkMMD
CNNCT a ProfileChrisPeacockPerry HallMMD
CNNCT a ProfileHaroldPeters IiiDeMathaDMD
CNNCT a ProfileVictor G.PowellHuntingtownDMD
CNNCT a ProfileRyanPritchardDeMathaMMD
GiovanniProcacciniMcDonoghAnnapolis HawksMMD
CNNCT a ProfileColbyRaberArchbishop SpaldingDMD
CNNCT a ProfileNicholasRansomCalverton SchoolGMD
CNNCT a ProfileJackRigleyCalvert HallFellowship Christian Athletes Maryland/West Coast StarzDMD
CNNCT a ProfileEthanRobinsonMcDonoghLSMMD
CNNCT a ProfilePeterRoeggeWalt WhitmanDMD
CNNCT a ProfileNateRollinsArchbishop CurleyTrue Maryland WolfpackMMD
CNNCT a ProfileTommyRuddoMarriotts RidgeAMD
CNNCT a ProfileStephenRuffennachKent IslandMMD
CNNCT a ProfileLoganSantosSt. Paul'sMMD
CNNCT a ProfileKiaSasakiCalvert HallLooney'sMMD
CNNCT a ProfileChadSchafferManchester ValleyDMD
CNNCT a ProfileEliSherbakovFriends SchoolFellowship Christian Athletes MarylandDMD
CNNCT a ProfileAidanShortleyGeorgetown PrepFOMD
CNNCT a ProfileElliotSkoppSeverna ParkMMD
CNNCT a ProfileGarrettSnyderMount HebronMMD
CNNCT a ProfileLoukasSotiropoulos-LawrenceSevernGMD
CNNCT a ProfileGabeSouzaSt. Mary'sAnnapolis HawksMMD
CNNCT a ProfileBillySpilmanGilmanAMD
CNNCT a ProfileMcCarthyStofaEastonAnnapolis HawksDMD
CNNCT a ProfileJackStuzinGilmanFellowship of Christian AthletesDMD
CNNCT a ProfileDaneSwansonMcDonoghBaltimore CrabsMMD
CNNCT a ProfileJackSzalankiewiczMount St. JosephPLC GoldLSMMD
CNNCT a ProfileMatthewTaylorDeMathaGMD
CNNCT a ProfileRyanThomasCalverton SchoolCannonsAMDLink
CNNCT a ProfileAidanTolenDeMathaAMD
CNNCT a ProfileWillTominovichSt. Mary'sDMD
CNNCT a ProfileChristopherTrahernGood CounselDMD
CNNCT a ProfileBrianTregoningGood CounselAMD
CNNCT a ProfileBenjaminUleryBoys' LatinGMD
CNNCT a ProfilePierceWashburnGilmanMMD
CNNCT a ProfileJoshWebberCalvert HallMMD
CNNCT a ProfileJustinWhiteDulaneyMMD
CNNCT a ProfileTcWhiteBullisDMD
CNNCT a ProfileMikeyWhitesideSevernAMD
CNNCT a ProfileAlexWicksSt. Mary'sMMD
CNNCT a ProfileAlexanderWicksSt. Mary’sAnnapolis HawksMMD
CNNCT a ProfileMerrickWillefordF/OMD
CNNCT a ProfileJackWitherspoonGilmanBaltimore CrabsDMD

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