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2019 Maryland Boys Lacrosse Players to Watch

by Mike Loveday
Maryland boys lacrosse players to watch.

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The 2019 season is months away, but it’s not too early to list a few of the Class of 2019 players expected to make an impact on the upcoming Maryland high school lacrosse season.

I have compiled a list of some of the players to watch for the upcoming season and breaking it down to the Classes of 2019, 2020 and 2021. This list is not intended to be a ranking of the best players in the state. Instead, it is meant to shine a light on players who earned post-season accolades or anticipated to make an impact in future seasons as recommended by coaches.

The players on this list were selected based on the following criteria: US Lacrosse All-American, Under Armour All-American, All-State honors, All-League honors, Head Coach submission.

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ProfileFirstLastHigh SchoolClubPSTVideoStatus
CNNCT a ProfileWilliamAlexanderSouth RiverMMD
CNNCT a ProfileTroyBarthelmeCrabsAMD
CNNCT a ProfileLeightonBechdelMMD
CNNCT a ProfileJonathanBenderBullisMMD
CNNCT a ProfileTylerBennettBoys’ LatinCrabsMMD
CNNCT a ProfileColeBerryWorcester PrepDMD
CNNCT a ProfileHankBethelGilmanFellowship Christian Athletes MarylandDMD
CNNCT a ProfileTannerBishopNortheastAMD
CNNCT a ProfileJohnBragawBroadneckDMD
CNNCT a ProfileAlexBreschiLoyola-BlakefieldFellowship Christian Athletes MarylandMMD
CNNCT a ProfileAlexBreschiLoyolaMMD
CNNCT a ProfileAdamBrooksNortheastDMD
CNNCT a ProfileChaseBuckwalterWestminsterMMD
CNNCT a ProfileThomasBullenChesapeakeAnnapolis HawksMMD
CNNCT a ProfileB.J.BurlaceSt. Mary'sLSMMD
CNNCT a ProfileBJBurlaceSt. Mary’sAnnapolis HawksLSM/DMD
CNNCT a ProfileParkerByrdCalvert HallFellowship Christian Athletes MarylandDMD
CNNCT a ProfileIanCallinanCatonsvilleGMD
CNNCT a ProfileTalonCampbellReservoirMMD
CNNCT a ProfileShaneCarrSeverna ParkGMD
CNNCT a ProfileHiltonCarrollDeMathaGMD
CNNCT a ProfileOwenCauleySevernCrabsDMD
CNNCT a ProfileCamdenChurchWalkersvilleMMD
CNNCT a ProfileJustinClarkGMD
CNNCT a ProfileLiamCollinsTuscaroraGMD
CNNCT a ProfileChrisCottoneCalvert HallFOMD
CNNCT a ProfileMilesCrousePerry HallMMDLink
CNNCT a ProfileJacobDelaereSeverna ParkMMD
CNNCT a ProfileDillonDiermanMiddletownBaltimore RockDMD
CNNCT a ProfileMichaelDoughtyGlenelgAMD
CNNCT a ProfileGarrettEdwardsSeverna ParkMMD
CNNCT a ProfileChristianEtchisonWestminsterMMD
CNNCT a ProfileHarrisonEwingCalvert HallMMD
CNNCT a ProfileSamEwingSmithsburgBreakersDMD
CNNCT a ProfileVincentFaccipontiBroadneckMMD
CNNCT a ProfileVinnyFaccipontiBroadneckM/FOMD
CNNCT a ProfileJackFechterBullisDMD
CNNCT a ProfileRickyFedorchakMarriotts RidgeDMD
CNNCT a ProfileNicholasFenexQueen Anne'sDMD
CNNCT a ProfileJamesFlanneryBlackwolfMMD
CNNCT a ProfileShawnGibbonsOakdaleGMD
CNNCT a ProfileJakeGiuleriDMD
CNNCT a ProfileJakeGiulieriGeorgetown PrepBlackwolfDMD
CNNCT a ProfileLukeGlagolaCalvert HallDMD
CNNCT a ProfileWilliamGodineGilmanMMD
CNNCT a ProfileLukeHallmanMiddletownAMD
CNNCT a ProfileLayneHarichBrunswickMMD
CNNCT a ProfileTylerHarperUrbanaMMD
CNNCT a ProfileDanielHerlihyMount HebronMMD
CNNCT a ProfileMattHilgartnerFellowship Christian Athletes MarylandAMD
CNNCT a ProfileRolandHockenberryMiddletownMMD
CNNCT a ProfileRolandHockenberyMiddletownMMD
CNNCT a ProfileCharlieHockersmithMMD
CNNCT a ProfileKeeganHouserBroadneckAMD
CNNCT a ProfileMatthewHubbardHowardGMD
CNNCT a ProfileJaydenHullWestminsterLSMMD
CNNCT a ProfileConnorHumistonGeorgetown PrepCrabsAMD
CNNCT a ProfileJonathanJaroszSevernBaltimore CrabsA/MMD
CNNCT a ProfileAndrewJohnstonGeorgetown PrepBlackwolfDMD
CNNCT a ProfileColinKelleyMarriotts RidgeGMD
CNNCT a ProfileColinKellyMarriotts RidgeGMD
CNNCT a ProfileNickKendallSouth RiverAMD
CNNCT a ProfileZackKinsellaSevernMMD
CNNCT a ProfileNoahKleinGilmanFellowship Christian Athletes MarylandGMD
CNNCT a ProfileIanKrampfSt. Mary'sAMD
CNNCT a ProfileBrettKropinskiCenturyMMD
CNNCT a ProfileBootsLackeyHeightsNext LevelLSM/DMD
CNNCT a ProfileRyanLanglotzFallstonMMD
CNNCT a ProfileClayLanhamGeorgetown PrepCrabsLSM/DMD
CNNCT a ProfileJacobLankfordManchester ValleyDMD
CNNCT a ProfileEvanLongGMD
CNNCT a ProfileBubbaLoveWestminsterAMD
CNNCT a ProfileGabrielLoveWestminsterAMD
CNNCT a ProfileConnorMadsenPatterson MillMMD
CNNCT a ProfileColeManosCalverton SchoolCannons SelectAMD
CNNCT a ProfileXanderMartinGilmanCrabsDMD
CNNCT a ProfileAdamMccartySouth CarrollTeam MarylandAMD
CNNCT a ProfileRyanMcdanielArchbishop SpaldingDMD
CNNCT a ProfileReaganMcnemarBoys’ LatinCrabsDMD
CNNCT a ProfileAndrewMilaniRockAMD
CNNCT a ProfileConnorMitchellCalvert HallThunder LB3MMD
CNNCT a ProfileGrantMitchellCalvert HallMMD
CNNCT a ProfileGrantMitchellCalvert HallMMD
CNNCT a ProfileTimMuldoonDeMathaMMD
CNNCT a ProfileAndreMyersSaint JamesMMD
CNNCT a ProfileColeNestorJ.M. BennettMMD
CNNCT a ProfileLukeNestorJ.M. BennettAMD
CNNCT a ProfileGarrettNilsenSt. Mary’sAnnapolis HawksAMD
CNNCT a ProfileChaseNoah EpiscopalNext LevelAMD
CNNCT a ProfileChaseNoahSt. Andrew's EpiscopalAMD
CNNCT a ProfileBrennanOldsMount HebronDMD
CNNCT a ProfileEthanOpdahlWalter JohnsonVLCDMD
CNNCT a ProfileColinPhippsSouthernAnnapolis HawksAMD
CNNCT a ProfileBrandonPierpontSt. Mary’s RykenBlackwolfLSM/DMD
CNNCT a ProfileLiamPowderlyAMD
CNNCT a ProfileAndrewPrestonNorth HarfordGMD
CNNCT a ProfileJacobPurcellNorthernDMD
CNNCT a ProfileHenryRentzSevernLaxachusettsMMD
CNNCT a ProfileKingRipleySt. Mary'sMMD
CNNCT a ProfileGrantSaulsSouth RiverMMD
CNNCT a ProfileJackSawyerCalvert HallFellowship Christian Athletes MarylandA/MMD
CNNCT a ProfileRobertSchainBullisMMD
CNNCT a ProfileBrendanSchmitzUrbanaMMD
CNNCT a ProfileBrysonShawBullisCrabsMMD
CNNCT a ProfileWillSherwoodArchbishop SpaldingMMD
CNNCT a ProfileJacobSnyderCalvert HallFellowship Christian Athletes MarylandDMD
CNNCT a ProfileJakeSnyderCalvert HallDMD
CNNCT a ProfileShaunSpiegelCalvert HallAMD
CNNCT a ProfileBenStephanosHowardZingosDMD
CNNCT a ProfileCollinStewartCalvert HallAMD
CNNCT a ProfileNilesTinsleySeverna ParkDMD
CNNCT a ProfileCadeTraugerJ.M. BennettAMD
CNNCT a ProfileRickyTubmanKent IslandMMD
CNNCT a ProfileCodyUpmanManchester ValleyAMD
CNNCT a ProfileChadVasquenzaSt. Paul'sCrabsMMD
CNNCT a ProfileJohnWheatLinganoreDMD
CNNCT a ProfileJonWheatLinganoreDMD
CNNCT a ProfileBrianWilmansBullisMadlaxF/OMD
CNNCT a ProfileWillWittstadtLoyola-BlakefieldMMD
CNNCT a ProfileDylanWolfeChesapeakeAMD
CNNCT a ProfileMasonWoodwardCrabsLSM/DMD
CNNCT a ProfileMasonWoodwardSt. Paul'sDMD

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